Amazon Kindle eBook Publishing Goldru$h Now!

http:bit.lyQvTBaO Kindle Publishing Success Now! Tap into the incredible power and reach of the #1 e-book seller in the entire world, and place your e-boo…

12 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle eBook Publishing Goldru$h Now!”

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  7. Hi! I’d like to know how these get advertised. How are these marketed? I
    have an educational book available as a ebook on Amazon, but have had a few
    sales. How does one go about having their work promoted to increase sales?

  8. Readers of the Kindle Boards, a website for Kindle enthusiasts, have put
    together a list of [145 self-published authors ] who have sold more than
    50,000 books on Amazon. This list is probably incomplete, as it is
    unofficial and doesn’t include stats from other self-publishing venues like
    Barnes and Noble or iTunes. Some of these authors sell as many as 50,000
    books a month which would be a very solid month for many best-selling
    authors. Amazing , ayt?

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