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Page 1 of Google for your keyword

how-google-worksI wrote about How Google Works this morning, and this inspired me to contemplate how to promote/market yourself and your writing (or your book) on your website. The most important thing in terms of marketing yourself online is to aspire to get to Page 1 of Google search results for your keyword(s).

I say “aspire” because the GETTING TO PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE is hard work and will take effort and time. But it is achievable with good SEO, Social marketing and GREAT content to keep and attract visitors (traffic).

Check back here often as I build on this story.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

So here it is. The step by step way to get your Web posts to Page 1 on Google.


Keyword Research

  • Find your keywords. Long-tail keywords. You know, the ones Google lists at the bottom of the search results.
  • Get Jaaxy to help you to narrow this list and find the keywords with little competition. You can sign up for thirty free searches. I’ve found it’s the best keyword tool around.
  • Take your Jaaxy Keyword research – store your keywords in a text document or spreadsheet.


So, let’s say you’ve found what you think is a great keyword.

Let’s See if You Can Rank for this Keyword

If you want to find out if you can rank for a keyword, start with Jennifer’s Reverse Attack Marketing (RAM).  Jennifer Ledbetter – Reverse Attack Marketing

  • Do your Reverse Attack Marketing campaign.  If you’ve followed Jennifer’s advice, you’re already on Page 3 or better.  I am only too happy and proud to promote Jennifer’s site. You will only benefit from what she teaches. She is very generous in her advice and her community will give you plenty of support. Go ahead and join her, it is not expensive, and it may give you exactly the start you need to make your marketing a great success online.

Find Out What Your Competitors are Doing

  • For each of your keywords, get Page 1 Google Results and save them to your computer. You need to know what your competition is doing and you can also ride on the heels of their success by giving their great content to your readers.
  • For these sites, your “Competition”, set up RSS feeds from their sites – keep on top of what they’re up to – use their posts for content ideas and when you do, ensure you place a link to their website or post, within your post that quotes their content. Basically, you want to share great stuff on your website and you must give proper attribution to the original author.
  • Set up Google Alerts for your keywords – each time an alert comes in, add it to your Post Ideas. If you have all the time in the world, get your alerts daily and jump on them to review the posts, see if they’re quality articles that discuss a subject which is relevant to your writing, and start constructing a post/an article about that subject.


Now, make sure you have your on-page SEO right.


  • Make sure each post and page has your photo and author bio, with a link back to your home page or one of your silo pages.
  • Create Google Authorship, Analytics and Webmaster accounts if you haven’t already.
  • Make sure each page and post has a) your author bio, b) a link to a page of your site (here’s an example of an author bio)Author Bio
  • Make sure you add Tags, using your keywords list to ensure you use your long-tail keywords.
  • Make sure your site is set up to ping each page or post to multiple pinging sites
  • Create a page on your site where you’ll paste your Jaaxy keyword list and some images into the page – use this for internal linking – this page will be like an index or a sitemap – add some paragraphs and text so it reads reasonably. This is great for internal linking, which Google loves, and also handy for your readers who will be keen to delve into your content if it’s good – so you need to make it easy to find.
  • Consider a “Favourites”, “Recommended” or “Best of” page and do something similar to above.
  • Add the above page to lots of Web2.0 sites

Is your Site Mobile Friendly

  • Check your theme renders well in iPad, iPhone and other devices


Does your site have the right Structure?

  • Set up appropriate tags and categories (using your keyword list) and a great menu structure. Make sure you have at least 4 main Pages, plus your Privacy, Contact and About pages. Make them interesting pages, please. You want to engage people and give them something interesting.

For each post:

  • Add images, including a featured image, all with good alt text
  • Use H1 and H3 tags
  • Make sure each post has tags and a category.
  • Set the posting date if your site shows dates to visitors. Visitors want to see that your site is active. Backdate your posts if you’ve got an aged domain, and ONLY if your posts aren’t about an event in time.  For example, if your post is about Christmas 2009, don’t backdate the post to July 2005.  If you are lucky enough to have acquired an aged domain, back date only one or two posts per day, otherwise it looks unnatural to the website crawlers.

Internal and Eternal Linking

  • Set up at least 2 internal links (one to one of your main “silo” pages, the other(s) to another post/s) and 2 minimum external links preferably to an authority site like WikiPedia, WebMD or whoever is the premium authority website(s) relevant to the post’s topic.
  • Add each post or page to one or more of your Web 2.0 properties


  • Ensure every post is authored by your name (not “Admin”), has tags and is in the right category.
  • Get the post or page indexed using the 19 domain appraisers and Google Webmaster tools, googleping or pingler, among many other pinging sites.

Write yourself silly!

  • Now, start working through all your ‘Post Ideas’ – remember, that’s the notebook you saved stuff in, which contains your keyword research, your competitor’s activity and any great thoughts you’ve come up with.
  • Work out what you can give away to get newsletter sign ups.
  • Source some of the great stuff you’ve already written. You can use this to help build up a giveaway.  Your tantalising giveaway is what your readers get in exchange for giving you their email address.
  • Create a newsletter sequence on your autoresponder.
  • Create a signup or opt-in form for your website
  • Write great articles and submit them to quality article marketing sites like
  • Spin the articles and submit to the lesser ranked article sites in bulk. Each of these contains a link to your site. If your article is good, websites WILL pick it up and publish it, together with a link to your site. All those links out there signal Google that you have a popular website. All of this contributes to your site moving up the ranks and closer to page 1.

Rinse and repeat this bit – get post ideas from what’s current and interesting, from the authorities and popular sites that are talking about the same things as you.  And post great content. Post great content every day or two – 700 – 1200 words.  Link out to authority sites, compile lists of “Top” things. Gather great content from around the web and write your own take on it to present to your readers.  Write punchy titles that provoke a reaction.hand-299675_640

Google really just wants great websites which provide really good content with their readers. It doesn’t have to even be your own content – you can find something wonderful on another person’s site, write some short synopsis about it, provide proper credit to them and a link to their site and your unique take on the subject.

Social Marketing

This is a really important thing you need to do. Social sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Delicious, Digg, Reddit…  are the best way to get your message out to the masses.  But you have to be active on these sites to attract and keep your visitors engaged.

Number One… Ensure you have social buttons on your site.

  • make sure visitors can share, tweet, like, pin, tumbl….
  • make sure YOU share, tweet, like, pin, tumbl, linkedin etc your OWN posts
  • make a Facebook Page, a Pinterest Account, a Twitter handle, etc… and post every post and page to these accounts, together with some “insights about this” that are quirky or informative.


 So, how are you feeling now?

I realize that was a lot to take in.  So I’m going to break it all down for you.

Let’s start with a website that teaches you how to make a web business – an ethical website with a phenomenal community who are teaching people (more than 100,000 members) how to build their own business with their website. Check their free training which gives you 4 courses and the ability to create 2 free websites.

Get Published: Take your book from manuscript to the masses with self-publishing and print-on-demand from CreateSpace.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

Reverse Attack Marketing - What IS It? - PotPieGirl explains what Reverse Attack Marketing is, how it works, and how to decide if it's right for you.

How Serious Are YOU?

This is one of the most amazing posts I saw in 2013.   This lady is serious about her writing!

“From Expert Author Interests and Content Marketing tips to Top Misused Words and other Grammar Tips, we publish dozens upon dozens of posts on the EzineArticles Blog every year.

These posts may be overflowing with tips, strategies, insights, infographics, and more, but it’s the growing number of commenters who offer their own insights and feedback that makes the Blog a thriving community of information and discussion.”

How Google Works

If you’ve ever wondered why your Google Search gives you your search results, take a good look at this infographic.

Courtesy of PPC Mag 2012

I found this to be enlightening and thought you’d like it too.


If you want to promote your book on your website, you’d better make sure you make google happy! Being on Page 1 of Bing or Yahoo might make you feel good, but it won’t get you anything near the traffic you’ll get from Page 1 of Google for your keyword!

How To Self Publish Childrens Books on Kindle

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

Is Self-Publishing the best Option for Authors? (via Nvate)

Iris Hunter For many people, trying to get a book published by a traditional publisher can be rough and sometimes seem impossible. According to Forbes, there are literary agents who do not take self-published books as seriously as traditionally published…

Continue reading How To Self Publish Childrens Books on Kindle

Kindle Publishing – Format your Kindle eBook in 60 seconds

Click here to visit the official site: Dominate Kindle With The Original And Bestselling “All-in-One” Publishing Tool.

Kindle Publishing - Format your Kindle eBook in 60 seconds

Click here to visit the official site:

Dominate Kindle With The Original And Bestselling "All-in-One" Publishing Tool.

How To Write A Book And Publish To Amazon Kindle


http:pluckypenguinpublishing.comproofreading-editing-serviceshow-to-write-a-bookhow-to-publish-a-book Wanna learn how to write a book and then publish …

How To Write A Book And Publish To Amazon Kindle
Wanna learn how to write a book and then publish it to Amazon Kindle platform? Then click on the link and we'll show you how...

Now that Amazon allows independent authors to publish to the Kindle market, anybody who ever wanted to learn how to write a book is now asking about how to publish a book.

Literally anybody can write and publish to the Amazon Kindle store, but there's a learning curve and it can be pretty steep if you try to go it alone. Why not take advantage of the wisdom that self-publishers are offering to independent authors?

People have been publishing their own books for a while and making "A KILLING" in the marketplace.

It used to be that authors would have to submit a manuscript to a publishing house, and usually the heart and soul they put into their work would only bring back rejection and disappointment.

Not anymore!

So, what's the best way to get started publishing your own stuff to Amazon's Kindle market? Glad you asked...

First, decide what type of book you'd like to write.

Next, Research the Kindle market to see if there is demand for your book and if the marketplace is flooded with quality books on your topic.

Then, write the book yourself or outsource it to an independent author.

Finally, upload the book to Amazon Kindle.

Sound complicated? It's easier than you think and if you click on the link JUST BELOW this video, we'll show you just how simple it can be to become a published author in today's marketplace...

How to find a Reputable eBook Publishing Company


How to search for the best eBook conversion Service Company?


Thomas Wilson

Nowadays people are switching from physical books to electrical versions of the books and it has increased the demand of eBook conversion services to a great extent. In fact, Amazon recently reported that the company is selling more eBooks than printed books.

There are various steps that are involved in the conversion of a normal book to an eBook. As a result the authors mainly look for an eBook conversion company that helps the authors to take them through the process. To find a good eBook Publishing Companythat can meet your needs, you have to make a list of all the requirements that you want them to provide you.

There are many things you should keep in mind while selecting the eBook Publishing Services. Let us have a look over the points.

  1. If the service provider is capable of processing your source file? Can the company do children’s book conversion? That is changing the format of the children books into eBook format?
  2. Ask the company if they can create the files for the reading devices that you want because different users use different file formats according to their phone’s or device’s compatibility. For example iPhone and Sony readers all use ePub file format but the Kindle uses the azw file format.
  3. Ask the company if they can provide you with the formatting that the images in the book will adjust them according to the screen on which they are being read – that is fixed layout conversion.
  4. Are they offering you Digital Rights Management? There are some techniques that don’t allow the user circumvention and can potentially block the user from doing certain things with his or her eBook.
  5. Ask them for Kindle Conversion Services because it is the product of Amazon and is gaining popularity at a greater rate. Some authors do not want their books for the other reading devices but they want it for Kindle only as Kindle will remain on the top for long.
  6. Continue reading How to find a Reputable eBook Publishing Company

Are Bricks and Mortar Bookstores Going To Survive?

books-264512_640Can Bookstores Survive? 25 Influential Authors Weigh In

Author: Carmen Amato

The little English-language bookstore was a treasure-trove of ideas and excitement. We were an American family living in Mexico City for a few years, learning a new culture and exploring our neighborhood. My young kids were just beginning to love books and the Kindle had yet to be invented.

The store was called Libros, Libros, Libros and conveniently located next to a Santa Clara ice cream shop with the best coffee ice cream I’d ever had. We idled away a lot of Sunday afternoon there, buying Junie B. Jones for my daughter and Star Wars books for my son. W.E.B. Griffin’s nearly endless military and police fiction series for my husband. Design books so I could figure out how to decorate Mexican style.

The kids are grown and in college now, yet they still talk about our Sunday trips for books and ice cream. But the magic of bookstores is waning, it would seem. Dramatic changes in the publishing industry have impacted the way authors get their books to readers. Traditional book publishing and retail models have been battered by the rise of online retailers. The ebook revolution has given us more books to choose from, but all too often good books are lost in the virtual churn. Continue reading Are Bricks and Mortar Bookstores Going To Survive?

What to Consider When Publishing a Children’s Ebook

file3741279065462What to Consider When Publishing a Children’s Ebook

By Rachelle Kaufman

I thought it would be easy to write a children’s book. I was using my adult mind. After scanning the internet for tips on how to write children’s books, I realized that just sitting down at my computer wasn’t enough.

  • First I had to determine what age group I was trying to reach. Children’s vocabulary and interest span varies from five to eight years old, nine to twelve years old and thirteen to fifteen years old. I spent an afternoon in the bookstore’s children’s section analyzing what language each stage of children could understand, the type and amount of illustrations included, the length of the books, the topics of interest from one age group to another and how the children in the bookstore section interacted with their choices.
  • Next I had to determine what genre I wanted to write about – adventure, fantasy, science fiction, personal experience, etc. and what were the requirements for the length of my book. There are parameters for each of these described on-line. I visited fantasy and science fiction book websites to see what topics other authors were writing about. Which books were winning the awards and why?
  • I also studied the trends in graphics and illustration styles being used for each age group at the various children’s books websites.
  • Since I was studying to be a teacher I used teachers resources as well to find out the books that were being used in school for different school age students.

  • Then there is Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders websites that were excellent tools for presenting what books were most popular and why in the different age groups. At this point I decided to self publish on-line rather than go the printed route which was too time consuming, expensive and daunting. There is plenty of support for aspiring Kindle authors in the Kindle Book Publishing section of Amazon’s website.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

  • For marketing my eBook I made an investment in on-line services which teach you how to do this using Ezines, blogs, advertising and publishing strategies to bring people to your book to purchase. They also tell you how to price your Ebook, check how many people access your book description and monitor the promotional rankings. You can also design a website to bring traffic to purchase your book.
  • Depending on where you want to sell your book, you will have to format the book to outlined specifications. Follow these carefully if you want your book to be easily read. I have seen books with weird symbols mixed into the text. There are services that do everything for a price or you can do it yourself. I was able to design a cover to be used with my description on Amazon using a website.

This is just a primer on how to proceed to write, publish and sell a children’s Ebook. I am sure there are many more resources on-line that you can find to give you the information you need. Allow the creativity to flow but always have the end reader you want in mind as you write.

Article Source:

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Success Stories


How to Self Publish Children's Books on Kindle - How to Self Publish Children's Books on Kindle

Kindle Publishing Success Formula

successful-business-personHow to Make Money Creating a Content Filled Website.

Are you looking for a relatively easy way to make money writing articles? If so, you should consider developing your own content filled website. Despite popular misconceptions, you do not need a product to sell to make money online. Instead, you can offer information. This information generates income by way of advertisements. Since many people use the internet to research, whether it be for a school project or for advice, there is a lot of moneymaking potential.

The first step in creating a content filled website is to create a plan. What do you want your website niche or theme to be? While it is important to choose a topic that is profitable or at least in demand, you will want to consider your likes and dislikes. You will find it easier to make money and write articles on a topic that you feel passionate about.

Next, you will want to brainstorm. Envision your website, such as how it is organized or what articles you want to have posted. You should create an outline of the topics you want to cover. For example, if your website has a prom fashion theme, do you want to have separate sections for hair, dresses, and makeup? What specific articles do you want to write? Typically, you should have one article per page.

Speaking of those articles, you may want to create a short outline for each article. What do you want to tell your readers about? In keeping with prom fashions, you can write an article that shares tips for prom dress shopping online. Points that you may want to cover could include checking size charts, looking for free or discounted shipping, or tips for comparing prices. An outline can help you stay focused.

Next, it is time to start writing your articles. When doing so, you want to get your point across, but don’t ramble or make them longer than needed. Of course, it is important to inform your readers, but you may want to leave your articles with an open ending. Your readers will want to be well-informed, but you also want to leave them looking for a little bit more. This is what will result in clicks for your advertisements.

Proofread your articles and then proofread them again. Even if you have access to spell check and grammar check, there are no guarantees that these are right. As for why proofreading is important, an error free website will stand apart from the competition.

Once you have finished writing all of your articles or at least started writing them, purchase web-hosting and a domain name. This, however, is when you may start to worry. If you are unfamiliar with HTML, you can still make money with your articles. Look for web-hosting companies that give you access to free website building programs.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

Once your web-hosting account is up and running, decide on a design or theme. This is easy if you are using a website building program, as they are laid out for you to choose from. When making your choice, remember that “cool,” isn’t always the best approach to take. Your website should be professional, attractive on the eyes, and easy to read.

As previously stated, your content filled website can make money through advertisements. Get started with Google AdSense. You are paid for each click your advertisements receive. As long as you have quality and unique content on your site and it is not adult in nature, you should be approved. If you are denied, review their terms of service to make the necessary adjustments. Add the advertisements to your website. Do not worry, doing so is easy and explained in a step-by-step process.

You can also use affiliate programs as a way to make money. When your website is approved, you place catchy banners on your website. To make the most money, apply to programs that are in line with your website. In keeping with prom fashions, display advertisements for prom dresses, beauty products and so forth. Depending on the program in question, you should receive a percentage of each sale you help to generate.

Kindle Publishing Success Formula
Check out the website link above.
Learn how to FINALLY get your books and stories published on Kindle, and make an incredible income as a writer!

The boom of self publishing books has changed the landscape of the publishing industry

books-69469_640The boom of self publishing books has changed the landscape of the publishing industry. The self publishing technique enables even novice and aspiring authors to gain recognition for their work and make a mark at the start of their career in the publishing industry. Studies reveal that a resolute novice author, who builds demand for his work in the market by self-promoting their written work, will get rewarded with an admirable contract from the traditional industry. But in our hurry to appreciate the work of newbie authors, we tend to overlook the broader cultural significance of these tactics in the publishing world. Here are some significant changes the advent of self publishing in the publishing industry worldwide has brought about.

  • Wide awareness of publishing in various sectors: Decades ago, various businesses used to recruit publishers and authors to represent and promote their businesses in the market effectively. Several businesses had no knowledge of publicizing and felt helpless without the assistance of proficient book agents and promoters. With the onset of self publishing, people are becoming more aware of publicizing techniques. Self publishing companies have enabled people and businesses to learn and understand this process and implement it for their own promotional purposes. This has resulted in a wider awareness and diversity in promoting techniques.
  • Mitigate our dependence in traditional publishers and agents: The increasing interest in the self publishing has reduced our dependence in the traditional publishers and book agents. People believe that they can best represent their products and services and promote them effectively, by using this technique.
  • Demand for copy-editor: Self publishing enabled the writer to realize their limitations of self-editing. As a result, using copy-editors has become a necessity to publicize error-free and high quality work for the writers. Studies reveal that freelance copy-editors are in great demand among self publishing authors as well as traditional publishing houses. As a result, copy-editors have greater number of opportunities and substantial pay to make their career in this industry.


  • Evolution of luxury books: Some reputed promoters are promoting luxury books, with a limited number of editions available to the person who commissioned it. This provokes people to self-publish their experiences, holidays and family photographs in unique books that signifies memorable events of their life such as birthdays and retirements. This enables you to add your own touch to your precious book and enhance your social significance if you delve deeper into self publishing, to promote your own book.


  • Increases the scope and power of authors: With the growth of the social media in the recent years, traditional publishers are relying on the authors to promote their own work. With the advent of self publishing, book authors get the privilege to market their own work effectively. Several authors meet their readers at popular global book fairs, run blogs or a tweet. They are aware of their readers and their expectations very well. They are no longer dependent on the traditional promoters to arbitrate the relation between the authors and their fans and readers. Self publishing makes authors more knowledgeable on how to promote their work effectively.
  • Increased struggle of literary agents: Initially, literary agents used to introduce novice authors to those publishers who would take initiative to market their work and then work with them to develop a long-term career. This scenario changed with the introduction of self publishing. Self publishing enabled authors to find their market themselves thereby, forcing book agents to find newer ways to earn their living. Multi-faceted agencies such as television and film industry are protected from this kind of struggle but smaller agencies face this struggle.
  • Emergence of new businesses and opportunities: Self publishing led to the development of several companies such as prominent self publishing companies in New York city. It offers book authors a greater number of opportunities and advice on self-publishing, development of the entire manuscript, editorial services, and marketing assistance. You can experience development of new writing patterns such as ghost writing, team writing, and effective software to help you with the crafting. As a result, publishing is emerging as a process that can be accessed by a wide variety of services rather than just an industry.

In this way, the advent of the self publishing technique has made a remarkable impact on the publishing world allowing a greater number of authors to publish and promote their work all by themselves. Various crucial elements of the publishing world are expected to rely more on self publishing for their promotional requirements in the coming years.

Jasmine Roy is adept in writing articles and books. She has rich experience in writing on a wide range of topics. Author suggests that self publishing companies in New York city offer greater scope and power to book authors and spread awareness about self publishing. Opt for self publishing to publish your work quickly and economically.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

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