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Aspects of Writing with James Kelly, Marketing Yourself and Your Work

aspects of writingUse Your Journal to Dramatically Improve Your Writing — The Easy Way

By Will Kalif

If you are keeping a journal on a regular or even semi-regular basis, you have made a great step toward developing your skills as a writer. But, you are probably only using a small part of what a journal can be. You need to take the next step in journal writing and make your journal work for you. Here are some practical tips on how to do that.

Your journal is a place where you put down your thoughts and ideas and this is a great way to keep the creativity flowing and to keep you writing on a regular basis. But thoughts and ideas are not the only things that go into writing fiction. Your fiction takes place in a world and it has people in it. In order for you to successfully communicate your story to your reader you have to create a world that is tangible and people that are believable. These aspects of writing are just like any other aspect in that they takes practice and your journal is the perfect place for you to practice. Here are some basic and easy exercises that will develop your skill as a writer through your journal writing.

Add Descriptive Writing to your Journal

Make a concerted attempt to describe things in your environment. This is a good practical exercise that will help you find your voice in your writing. Writing for an audience means being able to describe your created world to them accurately. You should practice this in your journal and it can be as simple as choosing any object and writing about it.

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Here are several different techniques for descriptive writing.

1. Describe things – This is an important skill because the description of things can enhance your story. And it makes use of one of the most important rules in writing: “Show don’t tell” Here is an example of two sentences about a pencil:

The writer held a yellow pencil in his hand.

The faded yellow pencil the writer held in his hand was pockmarked with dozens of bite marks, and its eraser was worn right down to the metal band.

In the first sentence the reader understand the situation. But in the second sentence the reader gets an insight into the writer. This is much better than telling your reader that the writer in the story is a nervous type that frequently erases his work and is prone to biting his pencil.

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2. Describe Environments

Choose any environment and describe it. Start with the room you are writing in then move outward. As you move about your daily life take note of the different environments that you pass through. Describe these in your journal. Remember that this is not an exercise in storytelling. It is an exercise in building a believable world with your writing. And you should do this exercise in two different ways. First do it as you look at the environment you are in. Second you should do it from the memory of an environment that you are not currently in. It is amazing how radically different your perspective of an environment can be between your eyes and your memory.

3. Describe people

This is the most important aspect of description. A good description of a person can tell your reader much about the character. Choose a person you know and write a description of him. Don’t just describe his face, describe his body and his gait. Describe the mannerisms he has. Does he use his hands when he talks? Do his arms swing when he walks? What other things should you describe? Remember that your description of him will paint a picture in your reader’s mind.

Aspects of Writing with James Kelly, Guests – Jodi Ambrose, Helen Havlin OReilly and Chris Hammer and co-host Dana Micheli and Janet Coursey.

Add Dialogue to Your Journal

Another skill that you should develop in your writing is the art of dialogue. What your characters say and how they say it can either enhance a story or confuse it. You should practice writing lots of dialogue. Here are some good techniques for incorporating this painlessly into your journal.

1. You should first practice writing dialogues that you have overheard. Do this from memory. What did each person say? And what were the responses and counter responses.

2. You should also practice making your own conversations. This is what you will do in your writing so you should practice it a lot.

Blend Dialogue and Description Together

old-28701_150Now try to put the techniques together. Imagine two people engaged in a conversation. Tell your reader the conversation and show your reader the mannerisms of each speaker. Use your descriptions of the speakers and their surroundings to enhance the meaning of the conversation.

Remember that the greatest thing a writer has to offer is his ability to observe and then to think about his observations and communicate those thoughts. But the first thing you have to do is observe. Don’t just use your journal as a way to put down your thoughts and ideas.

How should you integrate these new techniques into your journal writing?

Don’t change your current habit of journal writing. When you take out your journal write in it the same way you always have. Let your thoughts and ideas flow. But, when you feel that you are done with your journal writing for the day go a little bit further and append one of these techniques to it. Add a paragraph describing something or someone or add a paragraph of created conversation. This will add a little bit of time to your journal writing but it will help you quickly develop some new skills as a writer.

Will Kalif is the author of two self-published epic fantasy novels. You can download free samples of his work at his personal website:
Storm The Castle – Creativity and Fantasy with an edge

Or you can visit his site devoted to fantasy on the web at:
The Webs Fantasy Guide

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Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

Aspects of Writing with James Kelly, Marketing Yourself and Your Work

Aspects of Writing with James Kelly, Guests - Jodi Ambrose, Helen Havlin O'Reilly and Chris Hammer and co-host Dana Micheli and Janet Coursey.

How to Self-Publish A Book

Book Publishing Secrets: Interview with Gwen Knight, author of ‘A Hunter’s Passion’ (via Book Publishing Secrets: How to Publish Your Book!)

Our guest today is Gwen Knight, author of A Hunter’s Passion and is published by Harlequin.  She is here to give her experiences with a traditional publisher. Starving Writer todayThank you for your time in answering our questions about getting published. 

CLICK for more self-publishing info: http:www.publishingsolo.comlandingpagenew-publishing-development How to Publish a Book Publishing SOLO is putting o…

Let’s begin…

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How To Self Publish Your Own eBook Or Print Book

How to Self-Publish a Non-Fiction Book and Become a Successful Author

By Irina Webster

Get PublishedSelf-publishing process of a successful non-fiction book can be subdivided in 7 logical steps. I use this process in writing my books and it proved to be very useful. Also, I know many other prominent authors who follow these steps religiously while creating their books.

These 7 steps suit non-fiction books best. While fiction writing and marketing process is similar – there are some differences and you can read about them in our next article which talks about fiction writing.

But now, let’s start with the steps…

1. To write a non-fiction best-seller you must know the reasons “why” you want to write a book.

Many authors don’t even think why they want the book they just start writing anyway. But your outcome for the book depends heavily on your reasons “why”. From personal experience, I noticed that most people write books for reasons like:

-leaving a legacy

-increasing credibility and authority in a certain area

-stand out from the competition.

-promote a cause or something they believe in

-make money by creating an income stream.

-create a business around it.

So, before you set out on your exciting adventure of book writing, think seriously why you need a book.

2. You must choose a great topic with a huge crowd of followers.

This one is simple to understand. Even if you write the best book in the world but there are only a few people who are interested in the topic – then you will never have a best-seller. You may sell one or two books to your friends and that will be it.

Therefore, before you start, check out who you are going to sell the book to and how many people in the world will be interested in buying it.

3. Write the book yourself or get it written for you.

Get your book onto their shelfIf you want the book for credibility or for other business purposes you can outsource the writing bit of the process. There are many ghost-writers out there who are happy to write a book for a fee. In fact, many books you see in shops nowadays are written by ghost writers. But if you decide to do it yourself then, you should consider these elements:

– write a grabbing and concise title and subtitle

-research on the topic and find out what people want to know about, so you can make the book interesting for the reader.

– outline the chapter’ name in logical sequence

– write the content chapter by chapter

– write a table of content, glossary, index, forward etc.

– proofread and edit (it is better be done by someone professional rather than yourself).

4. Make the covers of your book and decide on other graphics, photos or pictures.

The front cover is one of the most important selling points for your book. Spend as much time as you need to create a unique front cover. It should include the title and subtitle, author’s name and relevant graphics.

The back cover is the second most important part of your book. It should include: a blurb, testimonials, barcode and ISBN.

Remember!!! The front cover should give the buyer the first impression of your book. You only have 4 seconds to do this. If in that time if your reader is not attracted to your book he will put it back on the shelf and continue browsing other books.

5. Get the book published.

Get Published: Take your book from manuscript to the masses with self-publishing and print-on-demand from CreateSpace.

Look for a publishing company you can trust and where you are able to keep all the rights to your book yourself.

Warning!!! Many companies you find on-line charge you for publishing your book and also take some or all of your rights from you. Many authors have been caught like this.

Always remember that self-publishing is about keeping all the rights to your book. So, when you start dealing with companies who claim to help you with publishing – check them out and ask about your rights and read all the contracts properly. Never sign anything that you find that is not understandable to you.

6. Create a marketing plan.

Marketing is the king of publishing. Even the best book in the best topic area will not do you any good if it is not marketed properly. You can hire a marketing expert to promote the book for you which can be expensive. Either way you choose (with a marketing expert or without one) you need to prepare a press kit to make yourself ready for any media opportunities.

A Press kit should include:

-short biography related to the book

-PR (press release, one page long)

-professional photos of yourself

– a few credible testimonials about your book

Create a monthly residual income self publishing your own book.

Now look for any opportunities that arise in the press on your books topic then send press releases out, call the local or national radio, check out journalists to contact etc. Make sure that everything you do is relevant to the topic of your book. Relevancy is the one of most important things in the media.

7. And of course you should shamelessly promote yourself on-line and off-line.

Create a web-site, blog, write and distribute articles, make a Facebook page, Twitter page, LinkedIn account related to your book.

Become a public speaker and speak about your topic. Remember, that your speeches should include selling. Offer your book every time you speak.

To conclude, if you follow and implement all the 7 steps I described above, I guarantee your book will be well on the way to becoming a best-seller. Just try and see for yourself!

Dr Irina Webster MD is an author, public speaker and publisher. She owns a publishing company – Australian Self Publishing Group. If you want to know how to self-publish a book go to

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Self Publishing Explained-How to Self Publish a Book

filler-146473_150Book Publishing Secrets: Interview with Andre Phillip-Hautecoeur, author of ‘One Exquisite Night in Paris’ (via Book Publishing Secrets: How to Publish Your Book!)

Our guest today is Andre Phillip-Hautecoeur, author of One Exquisite Night in Paris and is self-published.  He is here to give his experiences as an Indie author. Thank you for your time in answering our questions about getting published.

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How to self publish a book – Step 1

file5801241837386Self Publishing – Truths and Lies

By Terence Tam

Are you anxious to get your book published?

Being anxious to see your work bound and printed is a feeling that all authors have experienced at some point or another, but being too anxious may result in poor decisions that you’ll regret later. So before you join the bandwagon in self publishing your book, let us consider the truths and lies about self publishing.

Lie: Self publishing is expensive. Some writers and authors say that starting with your own cost too much financially.

Truth: Self publishing is easy and affordable. Contrary to the popular belief among new authors, self publishing isn’t hard to break in to and cost little too. Since self-publishing is an evolving industry with lots of competitors, publishers are continually upgrading their facilities, offering higher quality services, and affordable pricing at your convenience.

Here’s how it works. You select a size for your book, format your Word manuscript to fit that size, turn your Word doc into a PDF, create some cover art in Photoshop, turn that into a PDF, and upload it all to the self-publisher of your choosing. Depending on the level of service you choose, it can be as easy as uploaded an unformatted word document to the self-publishing service provider, and voila! They produce a completed book for you!

Lie: Self publishing companies offer low-quality services.

Truth: Self publishing firms are here to stay. They have been in business for quite sometimes now and are continually changing for the better offering high-quality services for new authors like you. The standard of many self publishing companies are quite solid. The sole giveaway that you are offering a self-published book would be if the cover were poorly designed so you have to make sure the company you work with has a great track record to back them up such as testimonials/ feedback from their clients.

Lie: All self-publishing companies don’t care whether you believe they’re your ticket to instant fame and fortune. They will make you believe how easy it is to make it to Oprah’s book club.

Truth: A reputable, honest self publishing company will tactfully attempt to manage your expectations. They will inform you that it’s nearly impossible to make Oprah’s book club even if you’re traditionally published. They’ll explain how much sweat and toil it would take to sell any copies of your book at all once it’s published but will assure you of their support and assistance in marketing your book.

The very first step to self publish your book. We use CreateSpace an Amazon company. The process of adding a new project, title, author, ISBN, and more. For …

Lie: Your book will sell right away as soon as it’s off from the printing press.

Truth: Even if your book is great, there’s a great chance it will not sell.Book sales will be slow at first which is very common among new authors. This is where your marketing plan comes into effect. Don’t give up, persistence is the key to sales when you self publish a book.

Lie: Only use services of big publishing companies.

Truth: Should you elect to self-publish, you’re encouraged to shop around. The big guys aren’t always your best bet. Many smaller publishers offer excellent service at affordable prices. It all depends on your needs and how much assistance you are looking for.

Self publishing is easier to learn than you may think if you take the time and do your research and take things one step at a time.

2010 Bookpal Australia Pty Ltd – All Rights Reserved Worldwide is helping self publishers all around the world to successfully self publish and market their books with cost effective solutions to create bestsellers. The website offers a free book for budding self publishers, and many other free resources.

Terence Tam is the founder of Bookpal, he previously spent 6 years as an academic and was a contributing author for several academic books. Frustrated with the level of service he was getting with traditional publishers, he set up his own self publishing company to help other authors publish and market books with cost effective yet efficient solutions

Article Source:—Truths-and-Lies&id=5050051

Write. Publish. Repeat.: The No-Luck Guide to Self-Publishing Success

How To Self Publish a Book - Step 1

The very first step to self publish your book. We use CreateSpace an Amazon company. The process of adding a new project, title, author, ISBN, and more. For more check out an article at:

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Self Publishing – Easy To Follow Steps To Self Publish Your Books


Work From Home Writing Jobs- Don’t Be Misled


Dennis Hennry

There is a huge demand for work from home writing jobs in the internet, ever since most people discovered that it was possible to generate an income online. It has become a bee hive of activity, even the smallest projects up for grabs being snapped up as soon as they are presented to the masses, but this should not lead you to despair there is still a huge demand for writers if you know where to search. There are a few places that are quite popular and are definitely worth a shot as far as finding a work from home writing jobs are concerned.

Check freelance websites, these websites have a huge array of writing projects that are not only easy to acomplish but also pay very well and may well be what you been looking for to supplement that income by just working from home. Some of these freelance websites include,, and Rent a

Most of these freelance websites present a challenge in the begining since you need to build up a repuation for you to have the capacity to place winning bids, but like everything worth while in life, it takes time and in no time you will be able to gather enough repuation and well on your way to have a complete work from home writing job.

There is a huge explosion in the need for online writers regardless of the skillset. Most companies want to be heard and want to reach the masses and want their products out there and for most of these companies, they main interest is your honest opinion when writing blog entries and articles about their organisation or products. It’s extreemely possible for you to find work from home writing jobs.

For most of these companies are fighting for exposure on the internet and the more people are talking about them the better as this ultimately means that they are expanding their market reach and exposure which directly translates into sales and the more money the make, for them it\’s a win win situation.

I have been working from home for quite sometime now and i can absoltely put my stamp of approval and say that it has been the most fullfilling experiences as i have ben able to take care of my family and also make time for my social life as well.

When it comes to work from home writing jobs, I HIGHLY recommend a wonderful resource called real writing

Article Source:
About the Author

Information is basically the 21st century most important tool, and for me it’s of great pride and joy to be apart of it. I have been an affiliate marketer for almost one year and all my failures and successes have taught me one thing, if you want something go for it, just keep in mind success is very much indeed inevitable.

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Self Publishing - Easy To Follow Steps To Self Publish Your Books

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Ideas for writing a book – Kindle self publishing – Answering the question, What to publish?


Need Ideas For A Book?
By Earma Brown

Have you felt your book would get lost in an over-crowded book market? A friend of mine said, “I’ll probably never write a book because there are already too many books on every subject I can think of writing about.”

The truth is lots of successful authors have felt their idea for a book too small in the LARGE scheme of things. Even so, at some point they had to realize what I’m about to share with you, “With all the wonderful and not so wonderful books in the marketplace, there’s only one voice that’s uniquely yours. I am convinced there are people waiting for your perspective, your solution, and even your book. They’re waiting to be inspired, entertained or helped by YOUR book. They may even be looking for you and your ideas.”

Well, this is what my tips are all about today, how to know if the book idea you are planning to write has a chance to stand-out and sell. After all, even if it’s the tiniest of markets it will have to compete for proper attention in this hi-tech world? For your book to be able to compete in a world like ours today, you must target a niche market (people to sell your book to) interested in your book.

After pinpointing a market, develop a way of making your book different. You need a different viewpoint, a niche, or a different spin on perhaps the same information. Examine the problem again. Look at the solution your book idea solves with the goal of coming up with a way to present your knowledge differently than existing books.

Here are ten ideas for a book that stands out in a crowd and sells:

1. Business/Job Experience: If you have ten years or more of job experience, you could consider writing a book centered around your job. Even a previous job or business would fit the bill. For example, a couple of aspiring book writers sold their successful retail business to retire. They had tons of retail ownership tips to share and experience from mistakes they made along the way to success. New franchise owners and general retail owners would love to read their inspiring stories and tips to gain the same success. My advice was, “Go for it! Start writing now.”

2. Your Course: Compile your new book around a course you have taught for years. You already love the subject matter. Take your existing lessons and even lesson plans and form them into a book. If you are a stronger speaker than writer, consider taping your lesson presentations and getting them transcribed. Then hire a ghostwriter to take the transcriptions and develop into a book. I encourage you to not just take the transcript and copy into book form. But charge the writer or yourself to write it into a book using conversational language.

3. Life experiences: Use a life experience and form a book around it. Memoirs are good books to form out of life experiences. But they are not the only ones; you can use an experience of overcoming an insurmountable problem to inspire others. For example, if you got well from a major disease or any trauma like a car wreck. You may have worked through injuries and disabilities that would inspire others to do the same.

4. Task or Process: Write a book with the steps it takes to accomplish a complex task in your field. Put all the little known secrets you have learned over the years. You know, the little secret shortcuts and techniques you see others struggle with in your field. You have the solution; put it into your book. Your readers will love you for it and tell all their colleagues about your book.

5. Hobby: I love this one; because people often stumble upon their life’s mission this way. If you have a hobby that you are passionate about (most people are) and you have tons of information, you are a prime candidate to write a book about your hobby. Now, you simply put all your information in book form. For example, an author friend of mine who’s hobby was Investments. She loved to invest. She read everything in sight about it; she clipped every article and more. She formed an investment club to teach like minded members what she learned over the years. They are all on their way to the kind of wealth she has gained. It was simple for her to gather all her existing information, success stories and a small amount of researched information to write her popular book.

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6. Information Packaging. Perhaps you dream of creating your own information product line. You can do it you know. Take your existing body of knowledge on your chosen topic and write a short book as the initial product in your signature line. Then take the original body of information and form it into several audio products, create a companion workbook or study guide. Voila! You have the bare bones to form a Home Study Program.

7. Need or Void In Your Field. Look for a pressing need in your field that no one has come up with the solution. If you have the solution, your book is sure to sell well to your audience. Remember, even if you find someone with the solution on the market there’s still room for your unique perspective, tips and stories. Look for a different way to present it. Or find the gaps of information in your competitor’s book and make it your USP. Perhaps, they don’t make it simple enough or offer good examples and case studies.

8. Your Interests. Consider writing a book about what interests you or about something you need to know. For example, when I first began self publishing I gathered information for my own market comparative analysis. I put the information into a short report which I gave away to hundreds of people. Then as my body of information grew, I compiled it into a website. Soon, as my experiences, stories and information grew, the inevitable happened. I wrote the book ‘Self Publishing Your Way Now.’

9. Target A Niche. Simply put, to target a niche market in your book’s topic area, identify a problem/solution in your field or industry. Then research your competition. Develop a different approach. With all the books in the world on your topic, it’s not enough to know the solution. You must present the solution in a different way than existing books do.

10. Select a Career/Field. During an economy like we are in, many people are looking for a change. You would preferably choose a career you are related to somehow. Find and examine the top ten jobs in your chosen field. Write from experience or interview someone successful in each of the jobs. For example, you could write a book about the Top Ten Dream Jobs in the Medical Field.

You may have noticed in each one of the above examples of the same market, the contents of the book would probably be the same! The books would contain the same basic ideas, suggestions, tips, etc. For example, all the books about diets would probably stress the importance of eating right, choosing the right foods in right portions and daily exercise. Yet, each book presents a different viewpoint targeting a different market.

So BE BOLD; have no fear about approaching the same subject as existing books. Focus in on your unique ideas and viewpoint. Remember, according to the writer of Ecclesiastes, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” Bernice Fitz-Gibbon said so eloquently, “Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there. Did you know that right and left shoes were only thought up only little more than a century ago.” Now go start your successful book journey. Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours.

Are you ready to get started writing your very own book? Go get my free 7 lesson mini-course Jumpstart Writing Your Book! Sign up for other insightful How to Write a Book resources at the web site From Earma Brown, 16 year author and book writing coach

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Write. Publish. Repeat.: The No-Luck Guide to Self-Publishing Success

Ideas for writing a book - Kindle self publishing - Answering the question, What to publish?

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Ideas for writing a book - Kindle self publishing
Hey guys, back again with another episode of After Hours Marketing, This episode is going to help a ton of people. I share how you can research and find awesome book ideas, you can publish on kindle.

Read my Blog:

There is Nothing That I Cannot Achieve

Source Energy


Say it to yourself, ‘I am a wonderful Being. There is nothing that I cannot achieve. The world addresses itself to me always in positive ways. Everything always works out magnificently for me. I live a charmed life. Things are supposed to and always do, go well for me. Seas part for me. I have the resources of the Universe at my disposal. I live in an environment where I am inspired to a new thought. And as soon as I give birth to it, things align in order to bring me the actualization or the manifestation of it. I am an extension of Source Energy. I am God in a physical body and I am good. And because I am good, good things come to me. And if I am sick it is temporary because it is natural that I be well. And if I am not abundant of things that are important to me, it is temporary because it is natural that I be abundant. And there is nothing that I am supposed to do, but all kinds of things that I want to do…

– Abraham-Hicks –

How to get your book published online for free

happy-woman-free-signHow to Get Your Book Published and Marketed Free

By William Dupreee

Believe it or not you can get your book published for no cost to you at all. All you have to do is submit your manuscript and if your manuscript is accepted you will not only get published but get paid royalties for your hard work. I know you’re saying where are these companies that are willing to risk this no money out of your pocket to get you an unknown author not only published but paid. Believe it or not you are doing them a favor. First of all you are bringing your completed or semi-completed work to them to examine and determine its worthiness to be published. Secondly they will be paid a percentage of the royalty that you will receive from the sell of your book.

One such company is Publish America, Inc. they allow new and unpublished authors to submit their books for publishing they can be found at Publish America publishes more new titles than any other publishing company, books are available in both hard and soft covers and if your manuscript is accepted it doesn’t cost you a penny. The Publish America website tells you how to submit your manuscript and how you will be paid. There website welcomes new authors, gives submission information , facts and figures, marketing information, copyright information, discusses royalties, book ownership and other important topics. They tell you how long you should wait for a reply from them which usually is 1-2 days initially.

Marketing Strategy is a company where new authors can learn how to get published and promote there books. They encourage new authors to make the Book Directory their first marketing move. This service is totally free with no strings attached. The high page rank of this directory in search engines will help interested readers find your book. Also if you have a website or a blog for your book a link from can help improve your sites search engine ranking. can teach you how to get your published book into independent book stores, generate a buzz about your book on Myspace, how to market your book, and how to market your book to online book clubs. Just go to and get started.

To Do’s:

1.) Visit independent book stores in your area and give out free copies of your book, follow up and get stocking orders.

2.) Offer to hold a author event in their store. Partner with them on pre-event marketing and make it fun.

3.) Consider the Book Sense Access Program

4.) Sell your book on Amazon or eBay or Craigslist

5.) Promote your book to Book Clubs

6.) Use Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and any other social media sites to promote your book

7.) Comment on blogs with helpful comments which contain a link back to your blog/website where you promote your book.

A great opportunity to publish your book on different locations around the world without any upfront fees. This training video will take you through…


You can post an ad in every city on Craiglist, but ads have to be different ( and not just a few words moved around ) in order to be accepted. Before you put your ad for your book on every Craiglist city try one or two first.

What about a blog?

A blog is a collection of thoughts personal, private or business , etc. that you would like the world to know. Once you have an audience on your blog, your writing style is being scrutinized and (hopefully) appreciated “Liked” and “Tweeted”.

Create a free blog at, or Just google “free blog” to find who offers free blogs.

Press kits

1) Author bio: a) who you are, interesting life story, experience as a writer or expert on your topic

2) Synopsis – one page summary of book , example mood, plot , theme

3) Press release 1 page article that tells who you are, what book is about, info about books publication and any ties to current events

4) Sell sheet – flyer that includes important information about book

5) Title, cover image, publication date, page count, selling price ISBN, one paragraph summary, one paragraph author bio, 1 or 2 reviews

Amazon Book Reviews

A good book review is worth more publicity than any newspaper or magazine article about your book. Spend 2 or 3 days contacting about 300 potential Amazon reviewers, expect to receive 40 to 50 responses and wind up with about 35 reviews. Its best to see what type of genre each reviewer specializes in.

Newspapers and Magazines:

Start with your local newspaper and find out who are the editors and writers that do book reviews call and/or write them tell them about your book and ask them if they will review it. Expand your search find the newspapers and magazines with the largest circulation and repeat the process example: New York Times and Boston Globe are a couple. Use the internet to find newspapers and magazines with large circulations and the writers that do book reviews.

What is an agent?

An agent is a middleman to publisher, interacts on your behalf should know the publishing industy, your buffer in legal matters, promotes your products. Always research your potential agent. Your agent should not cost you anything – they should get a percentage of your roi.

June 2009 – St. Louis, MO – Just when you thought what’s next, where do we go from here comes a new book that puts the ups and downs of life’s relationships at home, work, romance, with family and friends into perspective — The Soul Of Poetry

This book is an experience in enjoying the good times, enduring the bad times and learning from them both. This book tells people to move on don’t live in the past plan a better future and laugh a little. The truth has a way of proving itself to us. We can learn the hard way or by listening to those who have experience either way we learn. The Soul Of Poetry transcends ethnic, social, and economic issues and brings us together in what we all have in common the human experience ” life”. You can get a copy of The Soul Of Poetry at

Through a blend of poetry, prose, verse, and rhyme William Dupree offers a ” you can make it ” help comes from having faith that you can overcome anything that puts itself in your path. Rediscover what we sometimes forget family, friends and moral values. Have a I can make it, I’ve got to make it attitude, then laugh a little life is not all that serious.

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How to Publish a Book Self Publish book For Free

How to Publish a Book - A great opportunity to publish your book on different locations around the world without any upfront fees. This training video will take you through the best sites to use and the benefits of using them. Make sure you check out this video before you jump in.

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How to Write a Book 2014 – 4 Steps to Writing a Bestselling Ebook!

Steps to write a bookCoach to Write a Book – Success Steps to Write a Book

By Dennis Moore Hopkins

Planning on writing a book? If that’s currently on your mind and you just can’t wait to get started, hold on to your horses as there are a number of steps to write a book you should take into account before you even start picking up the pen.

Books are never easy to write as it requires skill, patience and passion to complete successfully. Without a clear mindset and a positive attitude in writing your book, there’s is practically no way it can be completed with admirable success.

One of the first steps to write a book would be to choose a subject that you’re intending to write about. Proper focus has to be taken in determining the right genre of book you would be writing and if you would be able to write this particular topic well.

Do not indulge and waste your time on subjects that you’re not fond of, as eventual readers might be doubtful on the information provided in such a book. This applies especially to writers who are at the beginning of their careers, where you should start making a name for yourself in subjects that are of your interest and expertise. Write only about what you truly know something about.

Besides that, you should also take into account the demand for the type of information that you’re about to start writing, as without proper demand the sales of your books would not be promising.

How to Write, Sell, Market and Publish eBooks: http:netmarkettrends.comhowtowriteabook Most people dont know that once you learn how to write a bestselli…

Next on ‘what you should take into account before starting off with writing your book’ would be to determine the type of readers that you would like to connect with using the book. This fundamental steps to write a book – determining the audience of a book you’re about to write – is highly essential and important as your writing should be based on the standard and mindset of these people you’re trying to sell the book to. Some examples of audience would be children, teenagers, entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Last but not least, another basic step in writing a book would be to pick a suitable and catchy title. Your title should take into account the genre and subject the book is all about.

Furthermore, remember that most individuals are attracted to a catchy and interesting title, hence take time to think out the best title that would suit your book that would serve the purpose of attracting potential readers.

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Write. Publish. Repeat.: The No-Luck Guide to Self-Publishing Success

How to Write a Book 2013 - 4 Steps to Writing a Bestselling Ebook!

How to Write, Sell, Market and Publish eBooks:

Most people don't know that once you learn how to write a bestselling ebook, you can work once and get paid over and over.

I recently came across a step by step system by someone that has reached the $1M dollar mark in ebook sales online. Now I want to pass this info about the ebook business on to you.

Did you know that you can find out if your ebook is going to be a hit before you start?

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I just wanted to give you a few tips about how to write a successful e-book using a few simple steps.

E-books are great because you can market them yourself using online advertising.

It's really important to have a plan to get started and follow it step-by-step.

You first have to pick a topic lots of people are interested in,

then research the topic...write your book...then market your e-book online.

Remember, you need a hot topic and then online advertising to your offer.

You can make good money writing and selling e-books.

Some people can even retire from writing best selling e-books.

Imagine writing a best selling ebook on a hot topic that everyone wants to read.

Work once and get paid over-and-over. Say goodbye to your day job with a successful ebook!

Free up you time to do the things you want to do most. With a hit ebook may not have to work for months or even years.

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Who's your target readerTips For Writing Your First Book – Why Traditionally Published Books Need a Target Reader Too

By Glen Ford

By now, you’ve no doubt heard the advice that you really need a target reader before writing your book.

But what if you are intending to publish your book through a traditional publisher? Isn’t marketing their job? Why would you need to identify a target reader? You’re not self-publishing after all.

In this article, I’m going to give you 4 reasons why even traditionally published books need to start with a target reader.

1. Traditional publishers don’t really market anymore.

It’s sad but true. Most traditional publishers really don’t market your books any more. When they do market them it consists largely of trying to get placement on the shelves of the major booksellers. Their focus is on getting booksellers to stock the books. After all, if the book isn’t on the shelf it can’t be sold.

Which is fine. It needs to be done. But you really need to do more. You need to market to the person who is going to read it. And the easiest way to do that is by going where your reader goes. But to target a niche that closely means you need to know who your target reader is.

2. Having a target reader allows you to solve a real problem.

Anyone can write a book to solve a problem. But how can you be sure that anyone is actually experiencing that problem? The answer lies in the target reader. By carefully crafting the reader you will know what their problems are and how serious and immediate they are.

Tips on How to Write a Book Visit Getting your book written and published can seem like a huge hurdle. Each of us have o…

3. Having a target helps you motivate your reader.

Getting a person to actually read your book can be difficult if you are just writing. But having a target reader allows you to ensure that you are motivating that reader as you go. You will know enough about them to ensure that you include something that tweaks their needs as you go.

4. Having a target reader help you focus.

The whole point of having a target reader is to identify who you are writing this book for. That allows you to ensure everything you are doing specifically meets their needs. In essence it allows you to focus your writing on meeting their needs. It allows you to concentrate on a specific problem occurring in a specific way with specific motivations to resolve it. All you need to do is focus your solution on your target. You need to write with your target’s needs in mind at all times. That alone will help you to focus everything about your book on the problem you are solving.

Do you want to learn how to write a book in 24 hours? Take my brand new free course here:

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Glen Ford is an accomplished consultant, trainer and writer. He has far too many years experience as a trainer and facilitator to willingly admit.

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Tips on How to Write a Book | Help with Self Publishing | How to Publish a Book

Tips on How to Write a Book


Getting your book written and published can seem like a huge hurdle. Each of us have our own issues with this part or that part of it. But the good news is that we can work together to make this happen. I've rarely met a person who did not have a story inside them they wanted to tell. And there are those that have books of facts that they want to share. Or information about cooking, car repair, videos game cheat cheats, etc that they wished they could write and publish. Well you can.

This video goes through the basic steps. From idea to writing to publishing, and it can be done in 30 days! Yes. Even shorter time for those who have their final drafts ready. And Lance is making himself and his website available to help you out.

Tips on How to Write a Book | Lance Orndorff | (888) 716-4196