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How hard is it To Successfully Self Publish a Kindle Book?


Doreanna Temalow

Now anyone can be a book publisher. But does this mean anyone can be a successful publisher? You know the answer, do you not?

Sure it’s great that everyone has the same opportunity. But that doesn’t mean that opportunity will translate into possibility – does it? Think about it for a minute. There are already established Authors doing great with their books. And that means they have the money to pour back into promoting themselves and their books even further. Doesn’t it? Not to mention the hundreds of ebooks that are being uploaded everyday.

But on the other hand, many of these successful authors are (or were when they started) self- published. Virtually none of them had a literary background. They were just ordinary people who decided to take advantage of the digital publishing opportunity.

One of the first Authors that comes to mind when you think of the ones who catapulted to extraordinary success is the creator of the ‘Donovan Creed’ detective series – John Locke. His idea was to focus on producing a series of books all selling at Amazon Kindle’s lowest price point – 99 cents. And while you might at first think that this wouldn’t make you any money, John Locke is the living proof that you’d be wrong. Because he was the first person to sell more than one million ebooks on Amazon.

Amanda Hocking is another indie success story. After being rejected by virtually everyone in the offline world she uploaded her first book. Expecting nothing much. Soon her sales began to climb – then skyrocket. Now she sells 9000 books a day online. And she\s signed a multi million dollar contract with a major traditional publisher.

However, if there is a ‘superstar’ in the most successful indie Author sweepstakes, someone who’s ‘first among equals’ in terms of sales success , it can only be E.L. James. Her ’50 Shades of Grey’ series has not only earned her a reported $50,000 a month, but has spawned a major motion pictures; As most ‘Blockbusters’ of this size and popularity do.

These great accomplishments notwithstanding, each one of these Authors were, by an reasonable defintion – ‘average.’ That is to say, without any previous literary experience or credentials.

So – how did they do it? How did they go from struggling wannabe’s to the real successful deal?

Were they more talented than other writers? In a word – No. E.L.James being a case in point. In spite of the enormous success of her ’50 Shades of Grey’ series, she’s been uniformly criticized for her lack of literary prowess. Even by those who bought her book. One Critic assessed her writing as ‘kindergarden with training wheels.’



Which leads us to the obvious conclusion doesn’t it? Why not you? If she can, why can’t you? What’s stopping you from having similar success? If you’ve got story to tell, surely you’ve got an equal chance, right?


Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

I believe there are three obstacles. The first one, and the hardest to get past, is you. You the writer who wants to become ‘you the Author.’ In order to achieve that goal, you need to take action. That means formulating a plan. Then exchanging your ‘Author hat’ for a ‘Marketing Hat.’

The next ‘success challenge’ can work in your favor. It is ‘public taste.’ If it coincides with the contents of your book, you’ll have an unconscious ally. If not you have a brick wall of an enemy.

Finally there’s something that everyone in the World wishes they could control or influence. But no one can. Not even the rich and famous. It’s something that can catapault you to dizzying heights of success, or drown you in a sea of failure. And there’s nothing you can do about it; Either way. Because this ‘something’ is : ‘Luck.’

I grappled with all of these realities. Because, like you, I’m a first time Author. And the only thing that made sense for me was the self-publishing route. So, as you probably also have done, I scoured the internet for any and all information that would help me get closer to my goal. Luckily I discovered an incredible course that showed me how to put it all together.

Trying to go it alone I feel, is a big mistake. Why not get the lowdown from people who’ve ‘been there -done that?’

Good Luck!

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