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How to find a Reputable eBook Publishing Company


How to search for the best eBook conversion Service Company?


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Nowadays people are switching from physical books to electrical versions of the books and it has increased the demand of eBook conversion services to a great extent. In fact, Amazon recently reported that the company is selling more eBooks than printed books.

There are various steps that are involved in the conversion of a normal book to an eBook. As a result the authors mainly look for an eBook conversion company that helps the authors to take them through the process. To find a good eBook Publishing Companythat can meet your needs, you have to make a list of all the requirements that you want them to provide you.

There are many things you should keep in mind while selecting the eBook Publishing Services. Let us have a look over the points.

  1. If the service provider is capable of processing your source file? Can the company do children’s book conversion? That is changing the format of the children books into eBook format?
  2. Ask the company if they can create the files for the reading devices that you want because different users use different file formats according to their phone’s or device’s compatibility. For example iPhone and Sony readers all use ePub file format but the Kindle uses the azw file format.
  3. Ask the company if they can provide you with the formatting that the images in the book will adjust them according to the screen on which they are being read – that is fixed layout conversion.
  4. Are they offering you Digital Rights Management? There are some techniques that don’t allow the user circumvention and can potentially block the user from doing certain things with his or her eBook.
  5. Ask them for Kindle Conversion Services because it is the product of Amazon and is gaining popularity at a greater rate. Some authors do not want their books for the other reading devices but they want it for Kindle only as Kindle will remain on the top for long.

eBook conversion is a must for authors and publishers to grab on the gadget friendly readers. We at SunTec Digital, help you to convert all types of file formats to be read on various digital devices.

These services possess requisite experience in converting children’s books into multiple electronic formats, along with fixed layout ePub, flash based eBooks for web delivery, standard conversion to ePub, and multi-book apps for iPad and iPhone. Our services help publishers offer digital texts to new-age readers who love to read books online.

The team members from these services are very well trained and experienced for converting your physical books into eBooks. They use advanced technical methods and follow step by step conversion for carrying out the conversion.

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Ashima is a full-time writer at SunTecIndia that offer eBook Conversion Services and convert your physical books into to many required eBook types.

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