How to Make a Spiral Bound Book

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24 thoughts on “How to Make a Spiral Bound Book”

  1. oh my goodness. i love the cover, i love the idea. i am so happy to be
    going through your video’s. thrilled you showed how to make journals as
    well. and even stuff for my kids. your awesome!!!!!! Hugs Annabell

  2. When I saw you use that snip part of the pliers…Ouch. Don’t use that
    stuff tu cut wire, it cuts it at an angle on both sides (it actually
    flattens it to a point where it breaks off, leaving most of the time a
    sharp edge). Invest in some decent cutting pliers or shears ^^.
    Oh, and aluminium wire is, in my opinion, the weakest wire you can use. Try
    copper next time

  3. Help me! I don’t have hole punch, Japanese screw punch and I don’t have
    machine. What I should do? 

  4. Hi Sea Lemon I am also in need of some advice. I am putting together a
    bills calendar with pockets on each side of the page to hold the bills paid
    and bills to pay. to get an idea of what I am talking about type in dated
    bills calendar by etsy in Google. the problem I have run into is I have
    done all the pages in cardstock and the cover in chip board, but I do not
    have a binding machine. I really do not know how to bind them together when
    the folded part is towards the outer edge and not going to the inside of
    the book how you would normally bind it. I am so lost on what to come up
    with to hold it all together I could really use your input!

  5. i have a bunch of photocopy paper packets…5 different chapters…each
    about 10-40 pages which is stapled…I want to make it a one big
    packet..whats the best way? anyone??…i want to make this by tomorrow so
    if you know what is the most convenient or easy way then let me know….Not
    sure what this process is called so let me know that too just in case i go
    to the stores to make it if i don’t know…

    By easy i mean a punching the paper and sticking them together….I don’t
    want to use gum or something like that…I am really bad at

  6. heyyy.. i just love all your bookmaking ideas i recently found your videos
    and i love them.. gonna try them in my vacations.. well i wanted to ask if
    i wanna make bigger loops what wire should i use??? because i kinda have a
    scarpbook which is actually a big sketchbook.. and i have 3 and i wanna
    turn that into 1.. please tell..

  7. Hi Sea Lemon! I’m writing for HELP! I’ve done a couple of spiral notepads
    and they NEVER, NEVER come out as neat as yours in spite of me following
    EXACTLY your instructions! I even got the Japanese Screw Punch, finally
    (very expensive), and still the pages don’t come out straight or aligned.
    They appeared to fan out instead of laying flat and straight like yours.
    Furthermore, cutting the page edge with a utility knife doesn’t work
    because the edges DO NOT come out perfectly straight like yours (as in text
    block), which look machine cut. And this in spite of me filing them down
    with a file. Also, the coil is too small for the amount of pages you
    suggested (which I made exactly like you said). The pad doesn’t open easily
    like yours. I would like to know exactly what I am doing wrong so as to not
    get the same results. It’s incredibly frustrating, especially since I am
    following your instructions to the letter! Please advise! Thanks!

  8. you could take your aluminum wire and fold it in half before you wrap it
    around your cylindrical mold or what ever and that would make it strong
    enough to support its own tension, but then you’d need to punch bigger
    holes in your paper. 

  9. This! this will save me so much money from those greedy art stores, who
    charge £10 for an A4 sketchbook that only has 50 pages in it, thank you!

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