How to Publish Your Book, Novel, or Short Story, Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishers

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23 thoughts on “How to Publish Your Book, Novel, or Short Story, Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishers”

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  3. The "Trying To Get Published" game really is one of extreme patience. I’d
    say you have to believe in your words, or at the very least, your stories,
    and never-ever-ever-ever quit fighting for them. I don’t know if I’m the
    "greatest writer" in a technical/mechanical sense (the fabric of putting
    words together, my poetry is much better, IMO ) but I’d say I’m "hungry" to
    tell stories, my head is filled-to-bursting with so many worlds, I just
    want others to see these places in their heads too. I never feel the "means
    of conveyance" the words, the sentences, are ever perfect enough, but that
    hunger is important. That obsession to reveal these worlds in your head is
    what will drive you forward through the wastelands of rejection. You have
    to believe in these worlds more than anything, because there’s no guarantee
    anyone else will.

  4. Thanks for the information, very insightful into the world of traditional
    publishing. I prefer to go the self-publishing route and if it catches
    fire, you’ll get picked up along the way.

  5. Thanks so much for posting this…I love writing but I would also like to
    share my work. However, until now I truly had no idea just HOW to do that.
    Thank you!

  6. I am a writer,however,not a fiction writer.I want to publish my work.I’ll
    to work on this publishing thing.Sounds complicated.My biggest concern is
    not getting it looked at by a publisher.My concern is having my work stolen.
    Without it being published,it is open season on someone else taking credit
    for it.I’d almost bet there are as many vultures out there as honest
    joes.Am I right?

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