How to Self Publish a Book: Self Publishing on Amazon Kindle – #1 Bestselling Author

How to Self Publish a Book: Self Publishing on Amazon Kindle – Book Publishing FREE Info for Authors – http:www.LifestyleBook.comauthors My book for autho…

25 thoughts on “How to Self Publish a Book: Self Publishing on Amazon Kindle – #1 Bestselling Author”

  1. Hello, I am an English to Spanish translator and I´m looking forward to
    expand my portfolio with book translations, and I will love to translate
    any of your books for free, I only ask to be credited as the translator.
    Please send me a private message if you would be interested in translating
    any of your books or short stories. 

  2. but selling something on amazon is not for friends back home , that is wird
    to be forced to use the social network in that way. has nothing to do with
    the real deal – the book, or the will be wrong of me to hang on
    my grandma.s milion relatives and friends to push myself up. that is
    totally wrong. sorry just my personal is like mafia- you got
    connection it will work for you, if not it won.t. but what if the book is
    really good, and the person has 2 facebook friends and 3-5 other
    places…..would that be a fiasco? or it will still have a chance?

  3. I do not want to make big bucks, I want to internationally distribute my
    books, I mean I want my books to be listed not only on the US Continent but
    other Continents as well. Am I at the right place for that?

  4. I am trying to publish my book on Kindle. Every time I submit it, it goes
    to ‘in review,’ but then after 12 hours it bumps back to ‘draft.’ I have no
    clue what to do! It doesn’t say anything is wrong with it, nor do I get any
    emails from kdp. I’ve tried researching the problem, and I find nothing!
    What do I do?

  5. Don’t know about the right way but I’m paying a professional(someone who
    has a portfolio I can check) for formating and conversion. Same as for
    editing and cover. Not a company that offers these services, just proven,
    mid tier freelancers.

  6. Another youtube video on how to self-publish on Amazon
    How to Self Publish a Book: Self Publishing on Amazon Kindle – #1
    Bestselling Author

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  9. Hi Oli, great presentation. I have a short story I want to publish in eBook
    format but it’s only about 4000 words. Do I need a cover page? Also, w/
    pricing, if whole novels are selling for only 99c then it seems a short
    story should be a LOT cheaper, is that right? Would the best option be to
    sell it for a few cents or strike up a deal w/ Amazon/Kindle to include my
    story for free on their eBook readers & like, pay me a few cents or
    something for each one they sell? Do people do that?

  10. I’m still writing but this video helped me get started with networking. I’m
    thankful to God for stumbling upon this video. Continued success!!!

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