How to Self Publish a Book to Amazon CreateSpace Heres how to get yourself a real, printed, self published book as easily as uploading a Word document to Amazon CreateSpace. The…

24 thoughts on “How to Self Publish a Book to Amazon CreateSpace”

  1. I just watched your tutorial…it was great..good info for this first
    timer..trying to do a poetry book…but I’m so skitish about this online
    stuff…you built my confidence a little

  2. Hello Robert, Thank you so much for your video, it is very helpful to me. I
    have a question, can createspace offer service that publish my book and CD
    together? I wrote a book but with CD together. I just want to know if
    createspace can cut the CD and stuff in the book and publish all of them

  3. so there are NO fees involved in Createspace if you choose not to use their
    professional services? Do they force you to BUY a copy (copies) yourself ,
    like some services do, before it can be marketed? Thanks, great video.

  4. I don’t understand how this works?I know it’s print on demand but do you
    have to pay for anything ?How much does it cost to order the proof
    sample,let’s say from Europe?Great video btw.

  5. Is there a reason you chose createspace instead of let’s say, smashwords or
    bookbaby? Just wondering… thanks. Btw, loved this vid good stuff :-)

  6. Thank you for posting this. I watched it twice before publishing my own
    book with CreateSpace. It was very helpful knowing what to expect before
    going through the process myself.

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