How To Write A Book

How To Write A Book – – Watch this video to discover How To Write A Book free 30 day video series where author Garrett Pierso…

25 thoughts on “How To Write A Book”

  1. 1. I consider writing stories to be similar to creating little universes
    where you can do whatever you want in and I want to create my own.
    2. I don’t know what I want to do with my life and I enjoy writing so I
    want to give it a try
    3. I want to call myself an author and make my family proud.

  2. Reason 1- I have great ideas and a wild imagination.
    Reason 2- I live directing, but after that, I also love writing.
    Reason 3- $$$$$&

  3. Reason 1: Yeah money
    Reason 2: To express myself when i’m either angry, sad, etc.
    Reason 3: To entertain myself
    Reason 4: To see my story that’s put into a neat book
    Reason 5: See what others think

  4. The reason why I want to write a book is because I have spent my childhood
    dreaming about it, see it on shelves, and because no person wrote a book
    like the one I want, so i have to make it myself.

  5. Reason 1: I Want To Share My Love Life to the Whole World Of Making And
    Reading Books.
    Reason 2: To Look at my book on store shelves 😀
    Reason 3: So i can read my book over and over again :D

  6. I have a great imagination, I have great ideas for a book. But I can’t
    actually make an intro to it. Oh, and I suck at making male characters.

  7. Im currentley writing three books my first book is called 1. The Highway 79
    Hitchiker second book 2 sociopath 3.cryptocracy 

  8. I’m writing a book called Across Middle Earth. It’s about four young races,
    man, elf, dwarf, and Hobbit that go on an unexpected and unplanned journey
    together, dispute their differences and dislikes of each other. The main
    reason they meet was because they all wanted to seek adventure, escape
    their everyday lives, but somehow they find each other. I’m writing this
    because I love all Tolkeins books and i love the way he delievered Middle
    Earth and the imaginary figures in those books and inspired the great Peter
    Jackson to put them on screens everywhere :) 

  9. Reason1 bc I think I have a lot of ideas that can help ppl
    Reason2 to inspire ppl in anything just to inspire them
    Reason3 is to show everyone who didnt believe in me that I can do it and IN
    YOUR FACE HAHA and yeah 

  10. I’m makeing a book called the diamond skull it origanaly was sposte to be
    for my mother but I axidently dealeted it so I’m makeing a new one and once
    I’m done with that one I’m makeing sequals to it the next book is "The
    rubby hand" both take place in edgypt the main chacters are Alex and his
    little brother Josh and they get lost in the tomb of king tugt but they
    lose there mother in one of the tunels and they find a chamber witch
    cantaned the diamond skull

  11. how the hell does this video have 666 likes? is the devil trolling your
    likes? this video was crap. you need to write down 3 reason on why to make
    youtube video before you waste another 5 mins of my life.

  12. Reason 1: I want to share my ideas with the world.
    Reason 2: Bucket list
    Reason 3: (Selfish Reason) To look at my book on store shelves. :D

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