HOW TO WRITE A BOOK with Dennis Ross III

Bestselling Ghostwriter and Chief Story Consultant Dennis Ross speaks in detail on the creative process of writing a book, how to best assemble a corporate s…

25 thoughts on “HOW TO WRITE A BOOK with Dennis Ross III”

  1. No hay palabras para expresar mi gratitud asia usted por aver publicado
    este video solamente gracias un millon por compartirlo ahora si podre
    escribir el libro que por años no sabia como otra vez Gracias,Gracias
    Dennis Att:Liza……………

  2. I’m in tears (of joy) as I listen to you share your knowledge of writing. I
    began writing 5 years ago and have 2 unpublished books (memoir & 1st work
    of fiction). Your video has placed me in a different mindset for writing
    which means going back to the drawing board (all is not lost). I am so
    grateful to have found your YouTube page. Thanks a million Mr. Dennis Ross

  3. Thanks for the great advice. I’ve been watching videos all morning; trying
    to figure out how to start a children’s books. Yours was the most helpful.

  4. with out my sister, I can’t find the words, she is gone,we shared the same
    times, with out her I can’t find the words.

  5. I can relate to what he is saying. Everything that we do has a signature
    like a fingerprint, the way we speak, handwriting. I’m a freestyle writer,
    being I have never written a book before I simply wrote my first book like
    I would say it out of my mouth. Fiction or non-fiction when it comes to
    writing a book, the words make up your tone metaphorically.

  6. Dennis Ross, thank you. I’m glad I stumbled on this. Is there any way to
    contact you through email for further advice and services?

  7. Well put together. When writing a novel, you can’t overlook the intangibles
    with regards to content, and delivery. One thing I find helps me is to read
    many different writing styles to see how other authors express themselves
    on the page.

  8. this was a big help, thx so much, this is just the motivation and
    inspiration i need to continue and finish my book, wish me luck

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