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How to promote your self published book

Author: Tom Kane

Selling your book online is, quite frankly, not easy. I’ve been selling my books since March 2011 and I think I’ve learned quite a lot in that time. So here’s a few thoughts and tips on the subject.

Your Website
Having your own website to promote your new eBook, or even printed book, is the best way to start promoting your book. It’s your shop window and if you can attract some serious traffic to ‘walk’ past your window then you have a good chance of selling to them. But it has to be an attractive website, easy for users to see what’s on offer and above all, pleasant to look at and read. Informative websites are a must. It’s not just about pretty pictures, you have to give your potential customers information on what the book is about and make it easy for them to purchase. With a bit of thought and visiting a few other sites that do something similar to what you want to do, you will soon have a great site up and running.

That’s the easy part over and done with. Now comes the hard part. If you ever thought writing a book was hard, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Web Traffic
Getting the right people onto your website is really, really, hard. One thing I’ve learned, so far, is that buying into web traffic is fraught with danger, not least of which is choosing which company’s service works and which doesn’t.  Some will offer free traffic, the vast majority of which will bounce of your site in less time than it takes to sneeze. If you purchase web traffic it can be inexpensive and it can be expensive and  it may work or it may not… most of the time it will work a little bit. You can probably expect a 0.1% sales rate at best. So for every 100,000 who land on your site you may well get sales of 100 – but it’s going to cost something like $250 for good US traffic. So you will need to sell a lot of eBooks to recover that outlay if you’re selling at $2.99 on Amazon.

If you decide to buy into web traffic, make sure you have some sort of online stats, like Google Analytics, and only buy in one service at a time. That way you can look at the stats and match that traffic to your sales. However, even this has a hidden problem if you’re selling your book through Amazon. The one thing you will never find out is if your buyer bought direct from Amazon without going onto your website first. Bit of a bummer if you’ve paid a fortune out for web traffic and can’t prove the sales you get came from that traffic.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation
Again, this can set you back a lot of money and there is NO gaurantee it’s going to work. And even if it does work, you will still have a lot of work to do on your site to make it worthwhile. It can take anything from six months to a year to get traffic onto your site. If you decide to do this yourself then you will simply have to get your site registered on as many search engines as possible and have your site set up to be SEO friendly. Then you will have to go through the process all over again. This is because you are going to have to read as much about SEO as you can, and then read some more and then realise that the advice is conflicting, because SEO is something of a unknown quantity.

Nobody, except Google and the like, knows exactly what it is that makes a website successful. On my website I originally had ten keywords, these being the words Google’s (and other) search engines will use to list your site. But, after setting up the site I then read that you need lots of keywords, so I did a bit more research and found those keywords. Only to be told by an SEO ‘expert’ that I had too many keywords. To date, I’ve gone through six different variations of keywords in six months and still I’m getting contradictory information from the ‘experts’ in this field. Maybe it’s just me being a bit thick, but I do feel that SEO, if it works, is great, but you need someone to steer you through it. I’m asking my ISP, a well know company in England, to help me out… I’ll let you know in a years time if it worked.

It’s expensive is all I can tell you about advertising. Tried a freebie from Facebook and got nothing. Tried another freebie from another company and the same happened. I’m looking at Google AdWords but it’s expensive and complicated. Not for the faint hearted or the those who don’t have deep pockets. Again, there is no guarantee as you are reliant on someone noticing what it is your trying to sell on a web page that is probably full of similar ads.

Promoting On Amazon
KDP Select is an new service that Amazon offer. Make your book exclusive to Kindle for 90 days and in return it will be part of the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library for the same period and you will earn your share of a monthly fund when readers borrow your books from the library. You will also be able to promote your book as freebie download for up to 5 days during these 90 days.

The lending part of it I have no problem with, one of my titles has been loaned of over thirty times in January 2012. It’s the free for 5 days I have a problem with. In January 2012, I set up two of my titles free for 5 days and I had 810 free downloads. Both titles got good reviews, four and five star, but sales from that have been a handful, not even ten. However, the good thing is that over time the good reviews will help to bring in more sales.

The most obvious thing to come out of my experience is that it takes time to promote a website in order to sell books. It’s a big market and the internet is a vast place, but your website is a drop in the ocean. And just to prove a point and get myself all depressed and unhappy, tap the following into a Google search, “kindle books to read” and see what you get. My results showed 888,000 and the top four were all Amazon. My website appeared on page… well, I got fed up after page ten and gave in!

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About the Author

Tom Kane was born in the English Midlands in 1955. In his late twenties, he had three short stories read on BBC Radio and looked set to have a career in writing. But it was the arrival of the home computer, in the form of the Sinclair Spectrum, that diverted Tom from his love of writing into a love of writing computer programs.

After a career as a computer programmer and having published several computer programs, Tom has now come full circle and is writing fiction again, with his first Kindle title 'Operation Werwolf' on sale at Amazon. This eBook is an action adventure based on his father's exploits at the end of World War Two.

Tom is currently writing two more books, a Science-Fiction action adventure, 'Faster Than Light' and 'Blank', a supernatural thriller.

Tom lives in Cyprus with his wife, Jo and their two English Springer Spaniels, Harvey and Holly.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

dollar-213619Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a great way to get your Website proliferated over the internet and GET TRAFFIC back to your website. It’s a great tool to publish short posts about subject in which you’re knowledgeable, and people will take your article and publish it on their websites, leaving your author bio and links to your website intact. It’s a good marketing tool and can get you lots of links back to your website. Then, once people are on your website, you have the opportunity to sell your book(s) to them.

Are you looking to make money by writing articles?

If you are, you may be curious how you make the most money. Of course, you can find well-paying content writing jobs, but there is another approach you can take. That approach is writing articles quickly, as you are able to make more money. On that same note, you must still be able to provide quality content. Writing Book Reviews is a great way to practice writing articles quickly, gets you good frequent content for your website or blog and adds value to the internet. Alternatively you could market yourself as an article writer and sell your articles on freelancing sites like Freelancer or Fiverr.

How to Write Articles Quickly

So, how can you write quality articles, but at a relatively fast pace? For starters, give it time. If you are just getting started with freelance web content writing, it may take you a few weeks or even a couple of months to get into the “grove,” of things. After time, you will learn numerous tips and techniques that can improve your speed, while still allowing you to maintain the same quality.

Another way that you can write quality articles quickly is to opt for projects that are on subjects that you already know about. This can significantly cut down on your research time. Do you enjoy exercising or do you have a passion for pets? Try finding writing jobs or write your own articles on these topics.

Next, it is important to reduce distractions. For example, do you find the internet to be a distraction? If so, temporarily disable it from your computer. This will prevent you from surfing the internet when you should be writing instead. Eliminating distractions will help to keep you working at a steady pace, which should allow you to write articles at a quicker rate of speed.

One problem that plagues writers is that of writer’s block. As previously stated, reducing or eliminating distractions is advised, but an outline can also help. Before you start writing, open up a blank copy of Microsoft Word or grab a notebook. Write down the main points that you want to cover in each article. Creating an outline is nice, as it allows you to spend more time writing and less time thinking about what you want to write.

As it was previously stated, Microsoft Words is a great tool for writers. Although your clients may provide you with a form to submit your articles through or you may have another writing program on your computer, Microsoft Word is recommended. They have a nice spell check program, which you should rely on. Instead of going back and fixing your errors right away, let Microsoft do the work for you. Once your article is completed, you can simply go back and change the errors, which should be underlined in red for you. On that same note, be sure to proofread your article still.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

Speaking of proofreading, if you are writing a series of articles, like 3 or more, you may want to write as many articles as possible and then proofread when you are finished. This may help to reduce writer’s blocks. If you get “in the zone,” with writing, you may not want to stop. You may find yourself writing a number of articles at a very fast rate of speed. However, if you stop to proofread each article, your flow may be disrupted.

As an important note, many new writers assume that the quickest way to write articles is to rewrite articles they find online. This is a gray area. If you are writing articles for someone else, your client may ask for unique articles. If so, it is okay to use the internet to research, but not to copy an article. However, some clients will ask for article rewrites. Most times, you are rewriting PLR articles, which the clients in question own themselves.

As highlighted above, there are a number of ways that you can learn to write articles at a quicker rate of speed. Although this will allow you to make more money, as you can write more articles, never underestimate the power of quality content. In fact if you’re writing for clients, most will prefer quality content over content that can be produced in a rush. If you’re writing for yourself, never do yourself a disservice – write your very best articles for your book, then for your website.

Self Publishing - Tips On Marketing Your Self-Published Book

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