Neil Sanders – Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own; Marketing, Movies and Music.

Its probably fair to assume that the majority of us whove followed the research of Neil Sanders initially became aware of him from his numerous guest-spots…

22 thoughts on “Neil Sanders – Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own; Marketing, Movies and Music.”

  1. "Money" is also worthless. It’s really not worth the paper it’s printed on
    and many kill for it or spend their entire lives working for it.

  2. Would Future Shock also include the pedophilia, cannibalism and incest
    that’s so prominent in our "entertainment industry" these days? You can’t
    watch a comedy today without at least one of these themes being underlying.

  3. go to WHO SHOT JFK by Jerry Mahoney….My family is part of all of
    this…they are MK ultra puppet actors. Ted Conlin (my father played 3
    presidents his wife my mother played about 6 first ladies and other
    characters) google david and Catherine woodford….they live in santa
    Barbara they played the Oswalds, the thatchers and recently david woodford
    played Simon Astaire…spokes person for the family of the shooter roger
    Elliot the director of end game played by my cousin in England Ian

  4. Great work man. Just wanna throw out a few channels here:
    RedPillRevolution, PoliceStateRadio, RoundSaturn’s Eye,

  5. Hi, Leanan. Forgive me if you were already aware of this, but if you want
    to see (and hear) more of Neil, perhaps you could give his ‘videos’ page a
    look at his website (link in the ‘About’ page above)? A favourite of mine
    from there is, ‘MK ULTRA, LSD and the Hippie movement’ which expands on
    what Neil and I talked about (re; Laurel Canyon etc).

  6. No problem, chrisie. It was hard work putting it together, but an absolute
    pleasure! Hopefully, more interviews to come in future…. Thanks for your
    input… appreciate it!… Matt @ Conspiro

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