Self Publishing Explained-How to Self Publish a Book

filler-146473_150Book Publishing Secrets: Interview with Andre Phillip-Hautecoeur, author of ‘One Exquisite Night in Paris’ (via Book Publishing Secrets: How to Publish Your Book!)

Our guest today is Andre Phillip-Hautecoeur, author of One Exquisite Night in Paris and is self-published.  He is here to give his experiences as an Indie author. Thank you for your time in answering our questions about getting published.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers


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Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

Self-Publishing Explained--How to Publish a Book: Private

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How to Publish Your Own Book

For years, I worked in the publishing business; and I knew first-hand just how "impossible" it was to become a published author.
I was the "mean-one" in the publishing company responsible for reading the many manuscripts submitted called the "slush pile." So many were submitted; I created a form letter for the rejection letter to accompany manuscripts returned to authors. Many were wonderfully well-written books, and during the years I worked for the publishing company, I scanned thousands, perhaps 40,000 manuscripts total. Only one I selected made it to publication! Getting published was truly a "needle in a haystack" proposition.
When I discovered print on demand publishing, I was ecstatic!
Many writers feel that getting published through a traditional publishing company is the way to go. The reality is that it takes time and dedication to get a book published like this; and for this reason alone I recommend printing your book through one of the many self-publishing companies. Since you can publish using print on demand with its fast, cheap book printing; it hardly seems worth the long and involved process of submitting your manuscript to a standard publishing company. With digital publishing you can actually make your own book in a few weeks, depending on how long and complicated it is; and if you intend to sell it or not.
Using the print on demand method to publish your own book will save you time, money, and a lot of frustration in dealing with the corporate world of a publishing house—and makes it possible to for you to make your own book!
Did you know that Dr. Seuss's first book was rejected 27 times? Chicken Soup for the Soul which has sold 143 million copies was rejected by 140 publishers. John Gresham's A Time to Kill was rejected by 14 publishers and 15 agents before it finally published. Irving Stone's Lust for Life, which has sold 25 million copies, was reportedly rejected 16 times.
As a single mom working one part time job and one full time job, I didn't have time, money, or the emotional bandwidth to submit manuscripts to multiple publishing companies, only to be rejected multiple times. It is customary to submit a manuscript to one publishing company at a time, and this process can take years. So when print on demand became available, it opened the door to publishing for writers who could not get through gatekeepers and the process of the publishing industry.
When I discovered this new method of publishing, I urgently went to work and within 4 years I wrote and self-published 11 books. As someone with a publishing, printing and advertising background, I was, and am able to successfully navigate through the ups and down, the kinks, quirks and craziness of digital publishing!
The Publishing SOLO organization offers online courses and private coaching to teach new and experienced authors how to publish a book using the print on demand method. You are guided through the steps of how to publish your own book; and how to make it available through Earth's Largest Bookstore, Amazon.com. Writers can easily learn how to publish a novel, publish an eBook, or even, a book secretly written years ago.
If you want the experience of becoming a published author, self-publish your own book using the print on demand method. The wonderful thing is books are sold and are printed one at a time; then shipped directly to the buyer; with no inventory required. The self-publishing company charges you for printing and sales of each book; and charges the customer for the shipping.
Be sure to visit http://www.Publishing SOLO for more information on how to publish your own book.

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    that which all countries do you publish the books

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  4. I want to write a book on Human Development Vs Nature Development. I can do
    this within two days: 48hrs. I have creative ideas. What to do next, I am
    not sure. How does printing process work?

  5. New Numbers show that the self-publishing industry has spurted up whopping
    422% since 2007, after the mainstream introduction of print on demand !
    Bowker Books reports a 59% increase of ISBN number purchases in 2012 over
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