Self Publishing Podcast #23 – Interview with "Wool" author Hugh Howey – This is our live-streamed recording session for the Self-Publishing Podcast, episode #23: Interview with "Wool" author Hug…

24 thoughts on “Self Publishing Podcast #23 – Interview with "Wool" author Hugh Howey”

  1. I love the fact that the rug is being pulled out from under the
    corporations! this is American ingenuity at its finest.

  2. the Universe adores YOU a realization brought to me
    courtesy of my brother. Conrad Van Valkenburg- thx bro <3

  3. Sean does not go on about PT Anderson too much. There’s no one making
    better, more idiosyncratic or artful movies. My fave romantic comedy,
    PunchDrunk Love, is perfect example Like no other rom-com ever.

  4. Yes, I thought it’d be hilarious if you guys kept asking yourselves
    questions and guessing at what Hugh was thinking while he was waiting "in
    the wings".

  5. I think that most people who read Wool go on to read everything Hugh
    writes. Every book is vastly different, but just and enginius.

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