Self Publishing With Print On Demand. Why I’m Returning To Print Publishing Last year, I decided to give up on print publishing, but I have just received a new copy of Pentecost in print and I wanted to…

23 thoughts on “Self Publishing With Print On Demand. Why I’m Returning To Print Publishing”

  1. Hi Joanna! I have come across your name several times recently and
    decided to look you up on YouTube. Great video and quite informative.
    Diana Loera
    Author of What I Did to Sell More Kindle Books on Amazon book series and a
    lot more cool books

  2. This was a very helpful interview. I have often wondered about the
    question of book sizes and how to stage release of different editions. I
    am curious, however, how did you get into the library and bookstore

  3. Joanna, I am myself a newly author & publisher of my first e-book which is
    coming out very soon on Amazon. I think print increases authority with your
    readers and is a good idea, for me I thought it was much easier and cost
    effective to start off online with an e-book first before printing on
    demand. A project I plan on doing for myself in the near future, thanks for
    sharing your advice, and or tips.

  4. Thanks Joanna. Really enjoyed a number of your interviews. It certainly
    seems that having a print edition of your books needs to be on the roadmap.
    eBooks are a great way to introduce a book, let it evolve naturally before
    moving towards something like a printed version.

    K.G. Heath is a horror / fantasy writer. Song of the Universe is available
    now exclusively for Kindle.

  5. As a publisher of creative writing guides in our how to become an author
    series, I can tell you that this is quality advice, well worth looking at
    her website

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Joanna. I really appreciate
    learning from those who have paved the way.

  7. You can do both. Amazon Kindle ebooks and Amazon Create Space for print
    books. largest book selling platforms in the world.

  8. Very informative, thanks! Print on Demand sounds like a great thing. The
    idea of having boxes full of your own books sitting around at home sounds
    both sad and unpractical.

  9. For those who commented below about not having the money to publish their
    book. I went to and published my book "Reflections of a Christian
    Kungfu Master’ for free. The even list your book on in over 6
    countries as well as Barnes and Noble, Ingrams. They have forums there and
    live chat from other authors who are willing to help out with any
    questions. Again it’s free to publish there and you can also make epud
    versions as well.

  10. Thanks Jo! Great information. I have several books in the works. After 16
    months of non-responses from query letters motivated me into independent
    publishing research; I am leaning toward an initial eBook release, adding
    printed copies later on.

  11. Ha. You just said it’s best to wait to do the print (due to corrections
    found on the ebook). Also good advice. Thanks.

  12. Well at least you had thousands to spend and learned about the difference
    between the cost of both types of books. You’ve touched on all the mistakes
    I made and had to learn from too. I cut my old publisher loose. Writing is
    something that you really have to already have a substantial amount of
    money to get started in. I have three gothic sci-fi novels out with a
    third to be out in a month or so and video commercials running on
    youtube-30 second spots advertising all three books.. The American audience
    is the hardest to sell to because unless they’re buying a game or their
    15th iPhone, throwing it out on liquor, its hard or impossible for them to
    actually sit still for two seconds and concentrate on anything. I’m glad
    you’re making money and I hope you go to the top. Congratulations.

  13. Thank you for the very interesting tips. I totally agree that e-books are
    great for making the necessary edits before creating a hard copy of the
    book. While e-books are convenient, they will never totally replace the
    tactile warmth of a hard-copy. My book "Letters to My Daughters" is
    currently on Kindle Select, and someday, God willing, may be a part of the
    Create Space process. Again, many thanks!

  14. Print over E-Books any day of the week. The written word, bound into a book
    is the height of our ability to create lasting works. digital made that
    easier, but every attempt to make a digital only medium has ultimately been
    less successful than the good old fashion book.

    Oh sure E-books are a nice option, but they are a much inferior option to
    good old fashion books. Your real books will never be redacted by
    publishers, don’t require batteries, are cheaper to replace if you lose it
    & wont ruin your eyes quite as fast.

  15. I’m curious, are you able to set up the same self publishing deal with more
    than one place, and what is the royalty rate? 

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