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Are Bricks and Mortar Bookstores Going To Survive?

books-264512_640Can Bookstores Survive? 25 Influential Authors Weigh In

Author: Carmen Amato

The little English-language bookstore was a treasure-trove of ideas and excitement. We were an American family living in Mexico City for a few years, learning a new culture and exploring our neighborhood. My young kids were just beginning to love books and the Kindle had yet to be invented.

The store was called Libros, Libros, Libros and conveniently located next to a Santa Clara ice cream shop with the best coffee ice cream I’d ever had. We idled away a lot of Sunday afternoon there, buying Junie B. Jones for my daughter and Star Wars books for my son. W.E.B. Griffin’s nearly endless military and police fiction series for my husband. Design books so I could figure out how to decorate Mexican style.

The kids are grown and in college now, yet they still talk about our Sunday trips for books and ice cream. But the magic of bookstores is waning, it would seem. Dramatic changes in the publishing industry have impacted the way authors get their books to readers. Traditional book publishing and retail models have been battered by the rise of online retailers. The ebook revolution has given us more books to choose from, but all too often good books are lost in the virtual churn. Continue reading Are Bricks and Mortar Bookstores Going To Survive?