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Page 1 of Google for your keyword

how-google-worksI wrote about How Google Works this morning, and this inspired me to contemplate how to promote/market yourself and your writing (or your book) on your website. The most important thing in terms of marketing yourself online is to aspire to get to Page 1 of Google search results for your keyword(s).

I say “aspire” because the GETTING TO PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE is hard work and will take effort and time. But it is achievable with good SEO, Social marketing and GREAT content to keep and attract visitors (traffic).

Check back here often as I build on this story.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

So here it is. The step by step way to get your Web posts to Page 1 on Google.


Keyword Research

  • Find your keywords. Long-tail keywords. You know, the ones Google lists at the bottom of the search results.
  • Get Jaaxy to help you to narrow this list and find the keywords with little competition. You can sign up for thirty free searches. I’ve found it’s the best keyword tool around.
  • Take your Jaaxy Keyword research – store your keywords in a text document or spreadsheet.


So, let’s say you’ve found what you think is a great keyword.

Let’s See if You Can Rank for this Keyword

If you want to find out if you can rank for a keyword, start with Jennifer’s Reverse Attack Marketing (RAM).  Jennifer Ledbetter – Reverse Attack Marketing

  • Do your Reverse Attack Marketing campaign.  If you’ve followed Jennifer’s advice, you’re already on Page 3 or better.  I am only too happy and proud to promote Jennifer’s site. You will only benefit from what she teaches. She is very generous in her advice and her community will give you plenty of support. Go ahead and join her, it is not expensive, and it may give you exactly the start you need to make your marketing a great success online.

Find Out What Your Competitors are Doing

  • For each of your keywords, get Page 1 Google Results and save them to your computer. You need to know what your competition is doing and you can also ride on the heels of their success by giving their great content to your readers.
  • For these sites, your “Competition”, set up RSS feeds from their sites – keep on top of what they’re up to – use their posts for content ideas and when you do, ensure you place a link to their website or post, within your post that quotes their content. Basically, you want to share great stuff on your website and you must give proper attribution to the original author.
  • Set up Google Alerts for your keywords – each time an alert comes in, add it to your Post Ideas. If you have all the time in the world, get your alerts daily and jump on them to review the posts, see if they’re quality articles that discuss a subject which is relevant to your writing, and start constructing a post/an article about that subject.


Now, make sure you have your on-page SEO right.


  • Make sure each post and page has your photo and author bio, with a link back to your home page or one of your silo pages.
  • Create Google Authorship, Analytics and Webmaster accounts if you haven’t already.
  • Make sure each page and post has a) your author bio, b) a link to a page of your site (here’s an example of an author bio)Author Bio
  • Make sure you add Tags, using your keywords list to ensure you use your long-tail keywords.
  • Make sure your site is set up to ping each page or post to multiple pinging sites
  • Create a page on your site where you’ll paste your Jaaxy keyword list and some images into the page – use this for internal linking – this page will be like an index or a sitemap – add some paragraphs and text so it reads reasonably. This is great for internal linking, which Google loves, and also handy for your readers who will be keen to delve into your content if it’s good – so you need to make it easy to find.
  • Consider a “Favourites”, “Recommended” or “Best of” page and do something similar to above.
  • Add the above page to lots of Web2.0 sites

Is your Site Mobile Friendly

  • Check your theme renders well in iPad, iPhone and other devices


Does your site have the right Structure?

  • Set up appropriate tags and categories (using your keyword list) and a great menu structure. Make sure you have at least 4 main Pages, plus your Privacy, Contact and About pages. Make them interesting pages, please. You want to engage people and give them something interesting.

For each post:

  • Add images, including a featured image, all with good alt text
  • Use H1 and H3 tags
  • Make sure each post has tags and a category.
  • Set the posting date if your site shows dates to visitors. Visitors want to see that your site is active. Backdate your posts if you’ve got an aged domain, and ONLY if your posts aren’t about an event in time.  For example, if your post is about Christmas 2009, don’t backdate the post to July 2005.  If you are lucky enough to have acquired an aged domain, back date only one or two posts per day, otherwise it looks unnatural to the website crawlers.

Internal and Eternal Linking

  • Set up at least 2 internal links (one to one of your main “silo” pages, the other(s) to another post/s) and 2 minimum external links preferably to an authority site like WikiPedia, WebMD or whoever is the premium authority website(s) relevant to the post’s topic.
  • Add each post or page to one or more of your Web 2.0 properties


  • Ensure every post is authored by your name (not “Admin”), has tags and is in the right category.
  • Get the post or page indexed using the 19 domain appraisers and Google Webmaster tools, googleping or pingler, among many other pinging sites.

Write yourself silly!

  • Now, start working through all your ‘Post Ideas’ – remember, that’s the notebook you saved stuff in, which contains your keyword research, your competitor’s activity and any great thoughts you’ve come up with.
  • Work out what you can give away to get newsletter sign ups.
  • Source some of the great stuff you’ve already written. You can use this to help build up a giveaway.  Your tantalising giveaway is what your readers get in exchange for giving you their email address.
  • Create a newsletter sequence on your autoresponder.
  • Create a signup or opt-in form for your website
  • Write great articles and submit them to quality article marketing sites like ezinearticles.com
  • Spin the articles and submit to the lesser ranked article sites in bulk. Each of these contains a link to your site. If your article is good, websites WILL pick it up and publish it, together with a link to your site. All those links out there signal Google that you have a popular website. All of this contributes to your site moving up the ranks and closer to page 1.

Rinse and repeat this bit – get post ideas from what’s current and interesting, from the authorities and popular sites that are talking about the same things as you.  And post great content. Post great content every day or two – 700 – 1200 words.  Link out to authority sites, compile lists of “Top” things. Gather great content from around the web and write your own take on it to present to your readers.  Write punchy titles that provoke a reaction.hand-299675_640

Google really just wants great websites which provide really good content with their readers. It doesn’t have to even be your own content – you can find something wonderful on another person’s site, write some short synopsis about it, provide proper credit to them and a link to their site and your unique take on the subject.

Social Marketing

This is a really important thing you need to do. Social sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Delicious, Digg, Reddit…  are the best way to get your message out to the masses.  But you have to be active on these sites to attract and keep your visitors engaged.

Number One… Ensure you have social buttons on your site.

  • make sure visitors can share, tweet, like, pin, tumbl….
  • make sure YOU share, tweet, like, pin, tumbl, linkedin etc your OWN posts
  • make a Facebook Page, a Pinterest Account, a Twitter handle, etc… and post every post and page to these accounts, together with some “insights about this” that are quirky or informative.


 So, how are you feeling now?

I realize that was a lot to take in.  So I’m going to break it all down for you.

Let’s start with a website that teaches you how to make a web business – an ethical website with a phenomenal community who are teaching people (more than 100,000 members) how to build their own business with their website. Check their free training which gives you 4 courses and the ability to create 2 free websites.

Get Published: Take your book from manuscript to the masses with self-publishing and print-on-demand from CreateSpace.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

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