The best ways to promote/market yourself and your writing (or your book) on your internet site.

The most essential thing in regards to marketing yourself online is to aspire to get to Page 1 of Google search engine result for your keyword(s).

I state “aspire” due to the fact that the GETTING TO PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE is effort and will certainly take hard work and time. But it is achievable with great SEO, Social marketing and FANTASTIC content to keep and draw in site visitors (traffic).

Here is my step by step method to to do keyword research and competitor analysis.

Everything starts with Keyword Research
– Find your keywords. Long-tail keywords. You know, the ones Google lists at the bottom of the search results page.
– Get Jaaxy to help you to narrow this list and find the keywords with little competitors. You can sign up for thirty complimentary searches. I have actually found it’s the very best keyword tool around.
– Take your Jaaxy Keyword research – store your keywords in a text document or spreadsheet.

So, let’s imaging you have actually found what you believe is a terrific keyword.

Let’s Learn If You Can Rank for this Keyword.
If you want to learn if you can rank for a keyword, start with Jennifer’s Reverse Attack Advertising (RAM).

Do your Reverse Attack Marketing project. If you have actually followed Jennifer’s guidance, you’re currently on Page 3 or much better. I am only too delighted and proud to promote Jennifer’s website. You will only gain from what she teaches. She is extremely generous in her recommendations and her community will give you lots of support. Go ahead and join her, it is not costly, and it might provide you precisely the start you need to make your advertising an excellent success online.

Discover What Your Competitors are Doing.
For each of your keywords, get Page 1 Google Outcomes and save them to your computer system. You need to know what your competitors is doing and you can likewise ride on the heels of their success by providing their excellent content to your readers.
For these sites, your “Competition”, established RSS feeds from their sites – continue top of exactly what they depend on – utilize their posts for content concepts and when you do, guarantee you place a link to their internet site or post, within your post that estimates their content. Generally, you want to share great stuff on your internet site and you should give correct attribution to the original author.
Set up Google Alerts for your keywords – each time an alert can be found in, add it to your Post Concepts. If you have all the time in the world, get your informs daily and get on them to review the posts, learn if they’re quality posts that talk about a subject which relates to your writing, and start constructing a post/a short article about that topic.

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