Tips on Writing a Book – Day 2 – Day 2 of Garrett Piersons – How to Write a Book ASAP free 30 day video series. Discover tips on writing a book in toda…

24 thoughts on “Tips on Writing a Book – Day 2”

  1. Hello, my name is Nathan and I’m 13 years old and writing a book. My
    inspiration came partly from The maze Runner series, and partly from the
    Divergent trilogy. I want to write about America 50 years from now, but we
    now have an all-powerful dictator. The one’s who are intelligent and not
    simple – minded after getting an operation at birth are discriminated and
    persecuted in America. The only way they can tell is by "The Test" ate age
    18, just before they become American citizens( in this time you must be 18
    to be a citizen. The people who are intelligent are called Dreamers because
    their mind is always running, subconscious or concsious. The operation
    takes away the ability for the brain to process enough for the
    siimple-minded to have dreams. That is why the Dreamers are called what
    they are. Please tell me if this is a good topic, or if I should just
    change the whole storyline. TY!

  2. Philosophical novel, which describes the life of heroes opposing the sole
    cause of all evil on earth – human stupidity, unwillingness to evolve and
    be a reasonable man.

  3. Drama, action, and mystery. Forgiveness, seek to revenge and more. The book
    I’m I’m the process of writing is going to be great!

  4. I have been through a very traumatic life and want to encourage others of
    hope! I feel that it is God’s will for me to do this and I am so excited!

  5. im aiming to write about a girl living an adventure and "finding herself"
    and Ive been wanting to write a book for a year now and I just didnt know
    how to create the backbone of my story .

  6. I’m gonna write a fanfic on wattpad c: about creepy pastas going to school
    and all the funny stuff that happens to them 

  7. I’m writing a book about this boy and girl who’ve been friends for so long,
    and then one day one of them goes missing…

  8. I’m got three books I’m in the middle of writing. One a horror/drama one an
    action/thriller and the last one a murder mystery

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