Writing A Book For Your Target Audience – Day 3

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24 thoughts on “Writing A Book For Your Target Audience – Day 3”

  1. You have a point in being aware of your target audience, but I think you’re
    mistaken in that you should write what your audience wants. Audiences don’t
    know what they want. You might write something that sells well, but you
    risk it being cliche/unoriginal pandering to what is popular at the moment.
    It is close to impossible to pander to your demographic while being an
    innovator. I am not saying that you shouldn’t know your target audience
    though. It might be better to write a book for yourself first and then
    write it over for your target. Or do you disagree?

  2. My target audience is towards kids and adults with Asperger’s syndrome,
    Autism, Down Syndrome or anyone that gets judged or put down because of who
    they are or what they have, that is my target audience :)

  3. Right. I’ve had enough. I made it to part 3 and at 5:16 you just made me
    furious. You write what YOU want to write, otherwise it’s recycling of
    peoples ideas and stereotypes. You don’t write, or paint, or make music, or
    do anything that we call art with the one and only prospect of selling and
    making money. If anyone wants to read your book they won’t read it cause
    they want to read what they like and what they expect. They want to travel
    into your world, into your imagination, hate or love your characters and
    the world you created. You do art because you breath through your art not
    because it fills your pockets with green. 

  4. I have a ranged target audience, but the story may not appeal to most of
    the initial audience I was aiming for in the beginning. I do need to work
    on my grammar more, but I’m not discouraged. I just want to share something
    that will help people in a deep, personal, in-explainable way; practically
    in a way that they’ll end up helping themselves in life matters and being
    happier by doing so. It will all depend on whether or not the subject
    relates to the characters stories,(personalities, situation at hand, etc.)
    personally. It’s a tricky situation, yet I’m still 100% for it. I’m still
    not sure how to begin the book exactly. I just have narration, characters,
    enemies, concepts, and settings written down; while every other big detail
    and visuals of it are still trapped in my mind. <–(Vivid imagination)
    I’m just not sure how to go about writing it all down.
    My mind is scrambled from thinking about the proper way to begin the story.
    It guess it may help to make a chart to plan out how events lead up to one

  5. I really love books and I would love to write one but I have a hard time
    with grammar and spelling. I really don’t care about selling my book
    because I never like to speak or preform in a public. I never wanted to be
    a celebrate I just do it for the enjoyment

  6. If your targeted audience is all age ranges is that a good thing? The main
    concept I will be talking about in my book will be about love.

  7. My reasons: To have a book published after writing since teen years,
    secondly to tell this true story to the world, and lastly to warn,
    entertain and inform my targeted audience.
    day 2 I have researched non fiction books, "Put a Geranium in my Cranium"
    "The Spy I Married".
    My three words are adventure, #10 in excitement, mystery (intrigue)
    #10, and betrayal #10 I am highly motivated
    day 3, My target audience is anyone who has ever watched Dr. Phil, went out
    on the Internet, used dating sites, fell in love via internet, been
    scammed, caught a scam before it happened and/or been betrayed.
    I have a broad audience.
    Let’s get going with this book!

  8. Garrett, this book is burning me up! It is non-fiction and I would love
    some insight from you. My audience is everybody who has ever watched Dr.
    Phil, went out on the internet, or dating sites and/or who has been scammed
    or caught a scam before it happened to them. Is that a broad enough

  9. Hi. I’m in a tight situation with my story because I’m writing it with a
    lot of adult themes and language, but I have a feeling that the subject of
    the story will be more interesting to a younger audience. I want the story
    to be more mature and geared towards adults, but I’m afraid that it won’t
    sell if it is. Can you give me some advice?

  10. Kristi, I sent you a private email where I went into a little more detail
    on how you can do some research into your target audience to find out what
    questions you should be asking them. Let me know if you didn’t get that

  11. Well Eric, what I would suggest is to do some research and look for other
    books that have succeeded that are similar to yours, see how they went
    about things. Also make sure that you ask people that you think would be
    your target audience and see exactly what they want. But more importantly
    write the book that you want to write, if you are true to yourself then you
    will attract the right kind of people. I always say, "Don’t worry about
    what people will think if the book doesn’t yet exist."

  12. That is so awesome. I would love to read a book like that!!! Good luck and
    let me know if you need any help.

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