Writing a book? The top 5 reasons why Scrivener is my favorite writing software

A quick overview of Scrivener writing software highlighting its easy access to reference material while writing, its cork board and split screen functions an…

25 thoughts on “Writing a book? The top 5 reasons why Scrivener is my favorite writing software”

  1. Karen, thanks for the awesome video. Great info. One question though, how
    did you make your content page interactive? (clickable) I can’t find that
    information anywhere.

  2. TY I didn’t know that, about the file sizing. There should be between 14
    and 16 illustrations for the ships, because they never actually built any
    of them. They did plan them though. Some were called paper ships and some
    they started to build and took the steel and built submarines instead.
    anyway I do need to know about charges so I can price the book to at least
    make a little money or its not worth writing.

  3. I work with 3D modeling, and photo editing with Blender, and Gimp. The main
    reason for this is that they are, and were free, and from what I can tell
    very good compared to the real expensive programs. Now I build big models
    of ww2 German war ships, and I have written a book about the subject, but I
    have no idea how to format it for Kindle so this is why I am researching
    it. At 40 dollars or so from Amazon it seems to me that this program isn’t
    overly expensive, and there seems to be copious material on Youtube , and
    in the Amazon store to learn how to use it. TY for the video, it was very
    useful and enlightening.

  4. Can ANYONE answer this one simple question for me? How do I get the Title /
    Disclaimer pages (front matter) to show up BEFORE the Table of Contents
    once I have compiled everything into the Kindle book format? I have tried
    everything and it keeps putting it AFTER the Table of Contents and even
    naming one of the clickable Chapters as Title or Disclaimer page.

  5. i stumbled on this while drunk, i have save it to favorites and wait till
    tomorrow to see why i really wanna watch this again while sober. titty

  6. Thank you! This software will help soooo much. I watched a few minutes of
    your video, paused, downloaded the free trial, and came back to finish
    watching. I can’t wait to try this. 

  7. Karen, thank you so much for your taking time to help with this video. I
    loved it all but the one tip that is all you (that I will borrow thanking
    you each time) is changing the color of a mannerism, etc. after you have
    used it. Such an important part of storytelling. Many thanks.

  8. Hi! Love your video! I’m writing a review for Scrivener and I was wondering
    if you would mind me linking to your awesome video? You do a wonderful job
    of showing and summing everything up

  9. I think about 3 minutes into the video was when i started to say "Just take
    my money!!" I’m officially sold. I’m going to buy this right now. Thank you
    for the review! :)

  10. Thank you! I’m inspired by your video and plan watching it a few more times
    as I use the program. You have a efficient methodology I hope to learn. :)

  11. You are awesome! Much appreciative… And as well… I see where you can
    do a split screen (up and below) but I as well would like to do a triple
    screen if possible… One for notes, one for research and one for the
    actual novel writing. Can that be done??! THANK you again!

  12. Thanks, great video. Just downloaded the free trial version. I’ll be
    spending my sunday afternoon plotting the gruesome death of my characters
    on a virtual corkboard ;)

  13. Thank you! That was so helpful–even better than the Scrivener
    tutorials… LOL
    I’ll check out your ebook!

  14. Scrivener is great – I picked it up a few month ago for Windows and haven’t
    looked back. I notice you are using the Mac version (saving for a MacBook
    myself at the minute 😀 ) – do you know if there are many differences
    between the Mac and Windows version?

    Great video!

  15. I am working on a novel myself and already have 3 completed rough chapters.
    If I get this software, can I transfer my written rough manuscript onto

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